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Dear Lush Cosmetics Ki nk y Hot Oi l Treat­ment: You’re a re­minder to sched­ule some much-needed me time. When I place your solid-chunk-of-oil-ona-stick into a bowl, add hot wa­ter and stir, you melt into a thick cream with an up­lift­ing aroma of sweet jas­mine and earthy ve­tiver. You take a few mo­ments to work into dry hair, sec­tion by sec­tion, and hang out there while I kick back and re­lax. Post-sham­poo, you leave my spi­rals hy­drated, buoy­ant and well-de­fined. Let’s spend more qual­ity time to­gether. Thank­fully, the star of my very own sham­poo com­mer­cial one day. So no pain, no gain, right? With ad­mi­ra­tion (and fu­ture roy­al­ties), Evie Begy

GOODY CLEAN RADIANCE BRUSH, $18, DRUG­STORES caramelized su­gar scent. Your three mois­tur­iz­ing oils (ar­gan, co­conut and crambe seed) fight frizz, yet you’re as light as air and seem to dis­ap­pear on con­tact, leav­ing only shiny locks be­hind. I thought I was in love with dry sham­poo, but I may have to re- ex­am­ine my feel­ings.

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