Cana­dian moth­ers and daugh­ters share their love sto­ries



While they’re both prop stylists, Cather­ine Do­herty and her daugh­ter Caitlin are at op­po­site ends of what that means. Cather­ine, 51, is zoomed in, cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful table­tops for food and decor photo shoots, while Caitlin, 31, is the wide shot, de­sign­ing bold, unique sets for fash­ion fea­tures and celebrity pro­files. With a laugh­ing, back-and-forth rap­port, the duo seem as much like sis­ters as mother and daugh­ter. They to­tally agree that time at the cottage is the best, just maybe not on who’s more high-main­te­nance. What is your favourite thing about each other? Cather­ine: “I like Cait’s spon­tane­ity. She keeps things fun, and there’s al­ways chaos around the cor­ner.” Caitlin:“I love Mom’s en­ergy. We’re al­ways laugh­ing!” How are you alike and how are you dif­fer­ent?

Cather­ine: “We both lose things all the time. We’re pas­sion­ate peo­ple—we both have the wan­der­lust thing. How are we difffff­fer­ent? I’m a wor­ry­wart, and Cait never wor­ries about any­thing. I’m al­ways like, ‘What could hap­pen next?’ A bomb could go offff and Cait would be like, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s fine.’” What’s your favourite thing to do to­gether?

Caitlin: “To be at the cottage on the dock, hang­ing out by the fire or go­ing on hikes.”

Cather­ine: “I love to hang out with the fam­ily [which in­cludes Cather­ine’s other kids, Tara, 17, and Luke, 19], at the cabin. Our lives are so busy, so when we’re all to­gether it’s re­ally nice. We’ve had the chance to travel a cou­ple times just the two of us, and that’s been re­ally fun, too. We went to Mex­ico City re­cently.” How do you try to emu­late your mom? Caitlin: “I’ve watched her ap­proach things head-on. She’s taught me to face things with­out fear.” What have you learned from Caitlin?

Cather­ine: “To live in the moment. Also, I see the way she is with her friends— she’s got this lit­tle army of peo­ple sur­round­ing her. I think it’s im­por­tant to sur­round your­self with good women.”

FOR FUN What would you get your mom if money was no ob­ject? Caitlin: “I would pay for her to go on a year-long trip. Or a boat be­cause she could sail around the world.” Cather­ine: “I’d hate sail­ing around the world.” Caitlin: “Oh, okay, never mind.” What do you think Caitlin would change about your style? Cather­ine: “She has been telling me for years to let my hair go white, so I took her ad­vice and stopped colour­ing my hair.” Did your mom ever tell you to change your style? Caitlin: “No, I don’t think so.” Cather­ine: “I ab­so­lutely told you to stop pluck­ing those f—king eye­brows.” Caitlin: “Oh yeah, you did do that. Thank you.” Cather­ine: “Stop it! They won’t grow back! It’s the ’90s; it won’t be the ’90s for­ever!” Who’s more high­main­te­nance? Caitlin: “Prob­a­bly you.” Cather­ine: “I was go­ing to say you! I’m so low main­te­nance. You like your mas­sages and fa­cials and stuff like that. We’re tied.”


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