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Eye-lift stick­ers

Wear­ing stick­ers on your eye­lids: Weird. What’s weirder is they work. The claim that “you will look a few years younger with­out un­der­go­ing plas­tic surgery” might be tak­ing it a bit far, but these sticky lit­tle cres­cents do vis­i­bly (and in­vis­i­bly!) lift sag­ging lids. They work by tuck­ing loose skin deeper into your lid crease, thereby lift­ing it off your lash line. Ap­ply­ing them in the right spot is the trick: like a pop-a-Val­ium-be­fore-you-start trick be­cause it’s go­ing to take you ap­prox­i­mately 84 in­fu­ri­at­ing tries to get it right, at first. ( They come in a trial pack that in­cludes small, medium and large strips, so you can ex­per­i­ment to see what works best.) But once they’re on, you can barely feel them and they stay put all day, even overnight—which I tried, and only re­mem­bered I had done it when I went to wash my face the next morn­ing. The ques­tion is, do you want to ap­ply and wear stick­ers on your eye­lids ev­ery day? I don’t, but af­ter wear­ing them for two days and then go­ing with­out, I found I missed how I looked with them. I do think they’d be a nice lit­tle pick-me-up on a spe­cial oc­ca­sion, and I’d def­i­nitely wear them to any event where pho­tos are on the agenda. MAGICSTRIPES EYE­LID-LIFT­ING STRIPS, $38 (16 PAIRS EACH OF S, M, L), THENATURALCURATOR.COM

Elec­tric foun­da­tion brush

No­body needs an os­cil­lat­ing elec­tronic brush to ap­ply foun­da­tion—that’s a given. But…this thing is good. The Sonic Foun­da­tion Brush is a new at­tach­ment for your ex­ist­ing Clar­isonic de­vice (it fits all of them) de­signed to do the work of your makeup sponge or good ol’ fin­ger­tips: seam­lessly blend your foun­da­tion af­ter you dab it on your face. It can also be used with any type of cream or liq­uid makeup such as blush, high­lighter and con­tour. The video on the Clar­isonic site shows a model with gar­ish stripes of the afore­men­tioned cos­met­ics painted across her face, and the brush comes in and smooths it all within sec­onds, to a per­fectly blended full-face makeup job. “Yeah, right!” said a few Kit friends as we watched the video and I swiped on my own pink, brown and shim­mery lines to test the brush’s blend­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. But I, too, went from stripey face to glowy face in one minute , and my skep­ti­cism dis­solved like the harsh brown rib­bons of con­tour un­der my cheek­bones. So, no, I don’t need an elec­tronic foun­da­tion brush, but where did the need vs. want de­bate ever get any­one, any­way? CLAR­ISONIC SONIC FOUN­DA­TION BRUSH HEAD, $39, SHOP­PERS DRUG MART

At-home der­mablad­ing

While the la­bel’s ca­sual men­tion of “a blade specif­i­cally de­signed for the del­i­cate skin on a woman’s face” made me blanch and want to run to the for­est, never to re­turn to so­ci­ety, I’m as game as the next fortysome­thing to try the lat­est in­no­va­tive, pos­si­bly dan­ger­ous, gad­get that prom­ises to make me look like a glow­ing god­dess. D erma fl a s h ’ s pledge is to im­part smoother, more radiant skin by lit­er­ally shav­ing off a layer of dead skin cells and “de­bris,” along with tiny “peach fuzz” hairs. It comes with six dis­pos­able blades that you’re sup­posed to use once a week, a prep wash and a sooth­ing lo­tion for af­ter­ward. It turns out a vi­brat­ing blade is not as scary as it sounds: You’d pretty much have to try to hurt your­self with it, plus it’s quick, easy and pain­less, and ir­ri­ta­tion is min­i­mal. And it works. I was pleas­antly sur­prised by how smooth my skin felt af­ter one use. This is se­ri­ous ex­fo­li­a­tion, so be­ware if you have very sen­si­tive skin. Once the tiny hairs started grow­ing back they felt ever so slightly sharper than usual, but noth­ing like the shav­ing stub­ble I’d feared. The peach-fuzz thing isn’t such a big is­sue for me, but for those who are fuzzy and wish not to be, this could be a dream de­vice. DERMAFLASH EX­FO­LI­A­TION DE­VICE, $236, BLADE/WASH/ LO­TION RE­PLACE­MENT KIT, $49, THEBAY.COM

“The ques­tion is, do you want to ap­ply and wear stick­ers on your eye­lids ev­ery day?”

“I went from stripey face to glowy face in one minute.”

“It turns out a vi­brat­ing blade is not as scary as it sounds.”

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