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Some peo­ple have nat­u­rally straight hair that only re­quires the brief ca­ress of a flat- iron to get to Gwyneth-level glassy shine; oth­ers need more el­bow grease to get there. “If you find it very dif­fi­cult to round-brush blow-dry your hair, it prob­a­bly has to do with the fact that you have too much bulk,” says Josh. “What you can do to make your life eas­ier is to break it into steps.” So for the thick, coarse, curly and frizz-prone among us, here’s his step-by-step to sleek­ness.

1. Wash your hair at night us­ing anti-frizz sham­poo and con­di­tioner

Us­ing a mois­tur­iz­ing sham­poo and con­di­tioner suited to your hair type is key. “I was just work­ing on a Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret com­mer­cial in Miami; it was hu­mid and the model had a lot of frizz. The first day she used the ho­tel sham­poo and the sec­ond day I gave her a frizz-re­duc­ing sham­poo, and it was a rad­i­cal trans­for­ma­tion.”

2. Blot (don’t rub) with a towel

A quick, gen­tle blot is all that’s needed be­fore you ap­ply an anti- frizz prod­uct on wet hair. “Peo­ple tell me they get out of the shower, put their hair in a towel tur­ban, go have cof­fee, and then take it down and put prod­uct in. Guess what? Too late,” says Josh. And never rough-dry your hair with a blow-dryer. As soon as the air hits your hair the cu­ti­cles will ex­pand and puff up.

3. Ap­ply prod­uct evenly Sep­a­rate hair into quad­rants be­fore you work in a serum, cream or balm, to en­sure even ap­pli­ca­tion. Josh likes John Frieda Frizz Ease Ther­mal Pro­tec­tion Serum (“the or­ange one”) be­cause its lighter

tex­ture means you can go longer be­fore hav­ing to wash your hai r. If you have fine hair, Josh rec­om­mends lay­er­ing mousse for lift and then serum for def­i­ni­tion.

4. Brush it out

Right af­ter you put in your prod­uct, comb or brush it through your hair a few times “so curls and kinks don’t have a chance to form,” says Josh.

5. Go to bed

Your work here is al­most done. “Watch a cou­ple episodes of TV while your hair is damp, then put a towel on your pil­low and go to bed when it’s 50 per cent dry.”

6. Wake up and style

“In the morn­ing, you’ll have a lot less vol­ume be­cause your hair didn’t have a chance to puff up,” says Josh. Your hair will be more brush­able, less frizzy and eas­ier to style than when you blow-dry it from soak­ing wet. “You can just put the heat on dry hair; you don’t need to re-wet it,” he adds. Blow- dry it with a round brush and run a good sin­glepass flat- iron over­top for a smooth fin­ish— es­pe­cially im­por­tant if you have coarse tex­ture or wiry grey hairs. “It will be less work and you’ll re­sent it less.”

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