Con­tin­u­ing con­cern

The Labradorian - - Editorial -

Yes­ter­day when some­one showed me the pic­tures of Churchill Falls and the wa­ter com­ing back I was very shocked. I thought, ‘What’s go­ing on?’ and then peo­ple ex­plained to me what’s hap­pen­ing. I’m think­ing about the old peo­ple, a long time ago, and the Innu peo­ple hunt­ing ev­ery­where. I think about my par­ents, al­ways talk­ing about the mist from the falls they could see from far, far away when they were hunt­ing. I was very ner­vous when I saw that and started think­ing about Muskrat Falls.

I have wanted to talk about Muskrat Falls again for a long time but those who help me have been busy. I’m very con­cerned about Muskrat Falls. When I go up near Muskrat Falls for a drive I can see so much dam­age. Our peo­ple are go­ing to lose so many things. Innu peo­ple have been here for thou­sands of years liv­ing hunt­ing and now ev­ery­thing is go­ing to die; wa­ter, trees, ev­ery­thing on the ground — Innu medicine, berries, it won’t grow again. An­i­mals and fish ev­ery­where eat these things, they drink wa­ter, and eat grass to sur­vive. All their food is go­ing to die, too. The an­i­mals are go­ing to be look­ing but won’t be able to find good food. Even though an­i­mals don’t talk, when I see an­i­mals it’s like they talk to me. When they made Churchill Falls dam, it started the mer­cury in the wa­ter, now there’s go­ing to be more mer­cury from Muskrat Falls.

Innu peo­ple know how the an­i­mals feel, for so many years we lived in the coun­try with them. We hunted, fished, and sur­vived with our chil­dren from the an­i­mals in the coun­try – I un­der­stand how an­i­mals feel – and I am very, very sad.

For many years I’ve worked for a good meshkanu (path) for the young peo­ple, pro­tect­ing the environment for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions. I am from Labrador and will be here un­til I’m gone, but the Muskrat Falls Project has brought in peo­ple from out­side and bro­ken my meshkanu.

The ex­ca­va­tor at Gull Is­land has dug out the earth. We used to pick red berries and be in the bush but now all kinds of machines have taken that away. I don’t want them to go ahead with Gull Is­land. What they have done with Muskrat Falls has caused enough de­struc­tion to the Innu land and river. If they start to de­velop Gull Is­land I think women should stand up against it. I re­mem­ber many years ago in the past women have been so strong when they protest to­gether.

Eliz­a­beth Pe­nashue She­shat­shiu

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