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In his let­ter to the ed­i­tor

Wide­spread op­po­si­tion (Oct. 10), Thomas Allen says he is op­posed to BRT and green bins. I get it.

He does not think we should in­vest in our city. He wants to go back to the 19th cen­tury and keep as much of his money as pos­si­ble, at all costs. He does not un­der­stand that if we do not in­vest in Lon­don, no­body else will. I hope he does not have chil­dren.

In only 10 or so years ,he will have to tell them their gen­er­a­tion will need to spend an ad­di­tional $1 bil­lion in taxes to fix his mess. The streets will be­come im­pass­able be­cause of grid­lock. His chil­dren will need to drive far­ther to shop be­cause plazas and malls will con­tinue to fail and close. His chil­dren will not be able to in­vest in their homes be­cause the real es­tate mar­ket will slump. Lon­don’s in­abil­ity to at­tract high-tech busi­ness will guar­an­tee all that. And when the land­fill is closed years too soon, the cost for its re­place­ment will add to their taxes.

On the other hand, they may get fed up and move away. David Nielsen Lon­don

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