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In his let­ter “Where is my lane?” John Day won­ders how the cy­cling ca­bal has suc­ceeded in get­ting con­ces­sions from the city that might also be ex­tended to com­muters of other types of ve­hi­cles. As a mem­ber of that cy­cling ca­bal may I of­fer the fol­low­ing ex­pla­na­tion?

While the cy­cling com­mu­nity has ar­gued for years about air pol­lu­tion, noise and the dan­gers of mo­tor ve­hi­cle col­li­sions, the real rea­son the city of Lon­don made con­ces­sions to us was money. Bi­cy­cles are not only in­ex­pen­sive to own, but they also make cities cheaper to op­er­ate.

On any day dur­ing the cy­cling sea­son, there may be over 100 bi­cy­cles parked down­town. If you re­placed those bi­cy­cles with cars you would need an ad­di­tional three or four acres of park­ing. So which her­itage build­ing would come down first?

Re­mem­ber that cy­clists carry wal­lets and shop­ping bas­kets. They ac­tu­ally do busi­ness — not just get in the way. David Nielsen Lon­don

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