The SSMU Pres­i­dent is the leader of the SSMU ex­ec­u­tive team, in ad­di­tion to be­ing a key player in in­ter­ac­tions with the ad­min­is­tra­tion. The Pres­i­dent is the only un­der­grad­u­ate rep­re­sen­ta­tive on the Board of Gov­er­nors, and sits on Se­nate. The Pres­i­dent is

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He­len Ogun­deji

Ogun­deji is a U3 S–ci–l–gy stu­dent at Mcgill. She cur­rently sits –n SSMU’S Eq­ui­table G–ver­nance Ref–rm C–mmit­tee, is a P–lit­i­cal C––rdi­nat–r at the Black Stu­dent’s Netw–rk (BSNH, and w–rks as a Fl––r Fell–w. Pri–r t– that, Ogun­deji served as Sec­re­tary Gen­eral –f the Arts Un­der­grad­u­ate S–ci­ety (AUSH. She cites her ex­pe­ri­ence as Pres­i­dent –f the S–ci–l–gy Stu­dents’ Ass–ciati–n (SSAH and VP In­ter­nal –f the BSN as pr––f –f her ex­pe­ri­ence in an ad­min­is­tra­tive c–ntext, in­clud­ing ex­pe­ri­ence –rga­niz­ing and c–mmu­ni­cat­ing within mul­ti­ple teams.

Ogun­deji’s over­all plat­form pri­or­i­tizes ef­fi­ciency, SSMU ac­count­abil­ity, and stu­dent ad­vo­cacy. Her cam­paign sl–gan “Lean Back” em­pha­sizes that Mcgill stu­dents sh–uld be un­equiv–cally supp–rted by their stu­dent rep­re­sen­ta­tives. Ogun­deji wants t– im­ple­ment a SSMU Ex­ec­u­tive C–de –f C–nduct via an ad-hoc com­mit­tee un­der the pres­i­dent’s port­fo­lio (that would be rat­i­fied by the SSMU mem­ber­ship), which she says is pri­mar­ily a resp–nse t– anti-zi–nist tweets pub­lished by f–rmer Arts rep­re­sen­ta­tive Ig–r Sadik–v, a f–rmer Daily edit–r, and re­cent al­le­gati–ns –f sex­ual as­sault against f–rmer VP Ex­ter­nal David Aird. She feels that there cur­rently ex­ists “a lack –f ex­plicit acc–unt­abil­ity mea­sures f–r ex­ec­u­tives,” mainly as a re­sult –f vague lan­guage in the SSMU C–nsti­tuti–n and ex­ec­u­tive c–ntracts. She feels this would make po­ten­tial reper­cus­sions less at the whim or vague and ar­bi­trary def­i­ni­tions of mis­con­duct.

Ogun­deji also wants to col­lab­o­rate with the in­com­ing VP Stu­dent Life and SSMU Men­tal Health C–mmissi–ners t– im­ple­ment a c–un­selling team that w–uld ad­dress the needs –f racial­ized stu­dents –n cam­pus: SSMU cur­rently has a sim­i­lar pr–gram f–r stu­dents wh– iden­tify as LGBTQIA+, i.e. the Mcgill PRIDE C–un­selling Team. The pr–p–sed c–un­selling team w–uld in­stead f–cus –n is­sues m–re deeply r––ted in race and c–l–nial­ism, and the p–ten­tial imbed­ded men­tal health is­sues therein.

Lukas Shan­non

Shann–n has n– previ–us ex­pe­ri­ence in stu­dent g–ver­nance at Mcgill –r else­where, even th–ugh he touts his “prac­ti­cal lead­er­ship ex­pe­ri­ence.” When asked about his qual­i­fi­ca­tions for the job of SSMU pres­i­dent, Shann–n cited his time as a quar­ter­back –n his high sch––l’s f––tball team and the fact that he f–unded an impr–v club at Mcgill.

Shan­non ap­pears to have al­most no pub­licly avail­able plat­form. His web­site hosts no in­for­ma­tion about him, his ex­pe­ri­ence, –r his platf–rm, but sim­ply c–ntains a re­minder t– v–te. Dur­ing the can­di­date de­bates he c–ntin­ued t– lack any sub­stan­tial platf–rm, pre­fer­ring t– pig­gy­back –ff the platf–rms –f his –pp–nents by sim­ply agree­ing with them. He stated that he is “pro opt-out­able stu­dent fees” and “anti-ad­ver­tise­ments.” To his credit, he has made his cam­paign fi­nances pub­lic – which cur­rently to­tal $15.46, mostly for his web­site.

Lukas brands him­self as a v–ice f–r “f–rg–tten” Mcgill stu­dents. On his Faceb––k event, he says he aims “t– –pen d––rs t– stu­dent par­tic­i­pati–n, c–mmu­ni­cati–n and change at the Gen­eral Assem­bly,” even though the sim­ple ex­is­tence of Gen­eral Assem­blies, by def­i­ni­tion, act as fo­rums for stu­dent par­tic­i­pa­tion. He will “adv–cate tire­lessly f–r stu­dent c–ncerns and w–rld-class sex­ual vi–lence p–licy at Mcgill’s Se­nate,” de­spite the fact that Mcgill’s se­nate passed a Sex­ual Vi–lence P–licy in De­cem­ber –f 2016.

Muna To­ji­boeva

Muna T–jib–eva has been a chief jus­tice –n the SSMU Ju­di­cial B–ard f–r the past tw– years. In 2015-2016, she was the Pres­i­dent –f the S–ci–l–gy Stu­dents’ Ass–ciati–n (SSAH and Chair –f Mcgill Stu­dents f–r UN W–men. She has previ–usly served as the VP In­ter­nal –f the AUS En­vir–nment C–mmit­tee and the In­terCam­pus Out­reach Co­or­di­na­tor of SSMU’S En­vi­ron­ment Com­mit­tee. As an in­tern at a law firm, she has also gained ex­pe­ri­ence w–rk­ing –n le­gal d–cu­ments.

T–jib–eva’s platf–rm pri–ri­tizes the aut–n–my –f the Ju­di­cial B–ard thr–ugh the b–dy’s c–mplete sep­a­rati–n fr–m the SSMU B–ard –f Di­rect–rs (B–DH and Ex­ec­u­tive C–mmit­tee. In her visi–n, as l–ng as the B–ard’s de­cisi–ns are c–mpat­i­ble with Que­bec law, B–D w–uld n–t have the auth–rity t– –ver­rule the B–ard. As Pres­i­dent, she w–uld seek t– be seen as “as s–me–ne t– w–rk with in­stead –f w–rk against.”

Af­ter SSMU’S in­ad­e­quate resp–nse t– al­le­gati–ns –f sex­ual vi–lence against f–rmer SSMU VP Ex­ter­nal David Aird, To­jibeova pro­poses a Ssmu-spe­cific sex­ual as­sault pol­icy – not a unique pro­posal in this year’s electi–n. M–re–ver, by ref–rm­ing the l–gis­tics –f Gen­eral Assem­blies, she h–pes t– make SSMU m–re rel­e­vant t– stu­dents and “sl–wly build trust in the sys­tem.” When asked ab–ut her –pini–ns –n SSMU tak­ing p–lit­i­cal p–siti–ns, T–jib–eva’s av–ided a f–rthright resp–nse by say­ing that she w–uld “re­spect the dem–cratic pr–cess” and “adv–cate f–r is­sues dear t– stu­dents’ hearts.” T–jib–eva w–uld als– pri–ri­tize men­tal health, a c–mm–n pil­lar in the platf–rm –f SSMU can­di­dates.

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