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We con­tacted all the elec­tion can­di­dates for the Yel­low­head Rid­ing and asked them all the same ques­tion. We have listed the unedited writ­ten re­sponses in party al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der.

Q: On your cam­paign trail what are peo­ple telling you that they want most from a new gov­ern­ment and what are you telling them?

A: Jim Eglin­ski, Con­ser­va­tive – “Con­stituents are telling me that they are con­cerned with the down­turn in the world econ­omy and the ef­fect it is hav­ing on our province, es­pe­cially in the energy sec­tor. They worry about higher taxes and es­ca­lat­ing day-to-day ex­penses. They want a gov­ern­ment that will keep taxes low and en­able them to keep more of their hard earned money.

I re­mind them of our Con­ser­va­tive Gov­ern­ment’s ‘Eco­nomic Ac­tion Plan’ -- a low-tax plan for fam­i­lies and busi­nesses. Cana­dian fam­i­lies and in­di­vid­u­als will ben­e­fit from the sig­nif­i­cant tax re­duc­tion we’ve put in place.

In 2015 alone, our low-tax plan will re­turn as much as $6,000 of tax re­lief and ben­e­fits back to each Cana­dian fam­ily. We have cut GST to 5%, in­tro­duced pen­sion in­come split­ting for se­niors, in­creased Age Credit amount by $2,000, dou­bled max­i­mum amount of in­come el­i­gi­ble for Pen­sion In­come Credit. We will es­tab­lish a new $2,000 tax credit -- Sin­gle Se­niors Tax Credit -for wid­owed and sin­gle pen­sion­ers.

If re-elected, we will cut pay­roll taxes by over 20% in 2017 and pro­tect Cana­dian jobs from EI and CPP tax hikes, and lower small busi­ness tax rate from 11 to 9% over four years.

Al­ber­tans at all in­come lev­els will ben­e­fit from our tax re­lief pro­grams, with low and mid­dle in­come re­ceiv­ing pro­por­tion­ally greater re­lief.

This is not the time for change.”

A: San­dra Wolf Lange Green Party – No re­sponse by the time of pub­li­ca­tion.

A: Ryan Maguhn, Lib­eral – “Now is not the time for change” – Jim Eglin­ski. A call to in­ac­tion. Those words anger me. They anger me be­cause this week­end I stood on the front porch of a woman whose fam­ily was tee­ter­ing on bank­ruptcy. Hers was a story I had heard of­ten over this cam­paign. Fam­i­lies in our rid­ing wor­ried about pay­ing the bills, putting food on the ta­ble and hav­ing a job next week. This lady had 3 gen­er­a­tions of fam­ily liv­ing un­der the same roof; all hard work­ers, all hav­ing lost mean­ing­ful em­ploy­ment. Across this rid­ing there are real fears, and real threats… threats to our econ­omy, threats to our democ­racy, threats to the fu­ture of our fam­i­lies. The Con­ser­va­tives would have us do… noth­ing. The NDP live in a world with left wing poli­cies with right wing bud­gets. I ask, what hap­pened to com­mon sense and ac­tion? We need a gov­ern­ment that chooses ac­tion over in­ac­tion… we need lead­er­ship to in­vest in our econ­omy, cre­ate busi­ness op­por­tu­ni­ties and put Cana­di­ans to work. Some­one has to stand up and take ac­tion for our com­mu­ni­ties and our fam­i­lies. Now- is the time for change, be­cause we will not cower from real threats to our fam­i­lies.”

A: Cory Lys­tang, Lib­er­tar­ian – No re­sponse by the time of pub­li­ca­tion.

A: Ken Kuzmin­ski, NDP – “I have heard that peo­ple are look­ing for a change of di­rec­tion for our gov­ern­ment. Peo­ple are look­ing for this elec­tion to re­store the hu­man­ity to Canada. We have been told for too long that we have to make the choice be­tween jobs and the en­vi­ron­ment and be­tween af­ford­able and ac­ces­si­ble healthcare and lower taxes. Cana­di­ans are too smart to fall for that line again.

We know pro­tect­ing the en­vi­ron­ment is pro­tect­ing our jobs, but it also pro­tects the health and well be­ing of our fam­i­lies. The gov­ern­ment has ig­nored cli­mate change and green house gasses, now Canada, and es­pe­cially Al­berta, has to fight the stigma of dirty oil and the re­luc­tance of our trad­ing part­ners to do busi­ness. This has put Al­ber­tan jobs at risk.

Canada is more than just the bricks and mor­tar, trees and moun­tains. Canada is its peo­ple. We as a gov­ern­ment must in­vest in all Cana­di­ans. We must make sure that our Vet­er­ans are treated with re­spect and have the pro­grams that they need when they re­turn. We must make sure that se­niors are taken care of. That they can af­ford their pre­scrip­tion drugs and a roof over their heads. We must make sure their pen­sions are se­cure and ad­e­quate for their needs. We must in­vest in our First Na­tion com­mu­ni­ties. We must show the lives of First Na­tion Cana­dian mat­ter and are worth the in­vest­ment.”

On your cam­paign trail what are peo­ple telling you that they want most from a new gov­ern­ment and what are you telling them?”

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