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So here’s the thing, we’ve sold our house, it took us only a few short months.

We mar­keted it our­selves in The McLeod River Post, Face­book and Ki­jiji. It was a real suc­cess I’d say.

The peo­ple we bought this house from said they took three years to sell it.

We don’t feel smug but do feel happy we didn’t have to spend out on a re­al­tor. Although they do a good job, it comes at a high price in my opin­ion. So we de­cided to try for our­selves and we did it. We mi­cro man­aged ev­ery­thing, right down to the last de­tail and it worked. Ian will be writ­ing an ar­ti­cle on this for those of you who are in­ter­ested.

Ian did a won­der­ful job on the pa­per­work and we have a fab­u­lous lawyer in town who took care of the le­gal end for us. So there you have it, we’re mov­ing.

Now the pack­ing be­gins. It’s al­right though, it doesn’t stress me, I can pack for hours, not wor­ry­ing about any­thing. I get up and put some food in the crock pot , pack till lunchtime, we stop, eat lunch, wash the crock pot, re­fill it with food for din­ner later and go again with the pack­ing. It’s a sys­tem that has worked be­fore.

The only hard thing is get­ting enough boxes, so we’ve been beg­ging them from fam­ily and friends and shops etc., it’s grad­u­ally com­ing to­gether.

Room by room the clear­ing out and de­clut­ter­ing has be­gun and it feels mar­vel­lous, that cleans­ing of of the junk and clean­ing down, it’s won­der­ful, ev­ery bit that is ei­ther packed or given away or thrown out, makes me feel like a weight is be­ing lifted and we can be free of it all. I am I ad­mit a squir­rel by na­ture, but I think there is some min­i­mal­ist in there too. So I. Happy ei­ther way, I know it’s com­pli­cated.

To­day I will mostly be pack­ing crock­ery and that’s fine by me. Yesterday it was cut­lery and most favourite books. Along with some clothes, vac­uum bags are one of my new favourite dis­cov­er­ies, it’s fan­tas­tic to shove a lot of clothes into a bag the use your vac­uum to suck out the air, thus ren­der­ing it half the orig­i­nal size and im­per­vi­ous to moths, I love them. I think even af­ter we ar­rive at our new des­ti­na­tion I will con­tinue to use them es­pe­cially when it comes to sea­sonal clothes, they are a real boon to me and the cup­boards, much more room now.

I shall be sad to leave this house, it’s been a lovely home for our fam­ily. Snug­gles warm in the win­ter and cool against the sum­mer heat. The gar­den is like a small park by Bri­tish stan­dards, we’ve all re­ally en­joyed it here and miss it when we go, but noth­ing stays the same for ever does it and that’s the truth. So on­ward and up­ward I say, for­ward march.

Get­ting ev­ery­thing ready for the big jump is and has been a headache for Ian he’s done it all by him­self, all the lo­gis­tics, the pa­per­work, get­ting the pets pa­per­work done, oh yes, did I men­tion, we are tak­ing them all with us? Yes, they are all com­ing with us bless them, the crazy spaniel, who thinks he’s a Rot­tweiler the Mala­mute, who although fully grown thinks he is still a puppy and can jump on your lap, my an­cient pussy­cats all three of them and one new­comer a year ago. They are all ready to go with us.

I am so grate­ful to my hus­band Ian for let­ting them come with us, I love my fuzzy fam­ily and the thought of leav­ing them be­hind is so painful, it would be im­pos­si­ble, and he knows that, bless him. I have a won­der­ful hus­band, who even though he is al­ler­gic to cats agrees to me hav­ing 4 of those crazy lit­tle fuzzies. It is ex­pen­sive to ship your pets though, but hon­estly I feel it’s to­tally worth it. No ques­tion about it.

So to­day it will be beef stew for lunch (good old crock pot) I might even make some gar­lic toast to go with it for the kids and gluten free for Ian and my­self.

So back to pack­ing now and then maybe a cof­fee at 11am and lunch at 1pm.

I will keep you posted on what hap­pens next in our story and how it all turns out.

And how be­ing re­united with our pets at our new des­ti­na­tion goes. Take care of your­selves. Now where is that new pack­ing tape roll........?

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