The co­nun­drum of ter­ror­ism la­belling

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To be­lieve what we are see­ing, hear­ing and read­ing ev­ery day one would be for­given that there is a ter­ror­ist lurk­ing un­der ev­ery bush wait­ing to pounce. Yes, there are peo­ple and or­ga­ni­za­tions out there that wish us and our way of life harm. But the fact re­mains, so far any­way, that way more peo­ple are mur­dered, maimed and killed on our roads or suf­fer fa­tal and de­bil­i­tat­ing work ac­ci­dents than are ca­su­al­ties from ter­ror­ists.

Right now the whole ISIS air strike thing has got way out of kil­ter. Rus­sia act­ing on be­half of the Syr­ian Gov­ern­ment, which is still le­git­i­mate, de­spite the atroc­i­ties, is at­tack­ing ter­ror­ists. The trou­ble is that some of these ter­ror­ists that Rus­sia is at­tack­ing are U.S. backed re­sis­tance groups and are likely branded free­dom fight­ers. Who is right? When is a ter­ror­ist not a ter­ror­ist? Well folks I think the an­swer to that is when they are win­ners.

Although he did not use terror tac­tics I have read dis­cus­sions that Ge­orge Washington could have fallen un­der the ter­ror­ist man­tel. How­ever, in the long run he was a win­ner. So how could he be a ter­ror­ist? The very state of Is­rael was helped formed by what some could ar­gue were acts of ter­ror­ism. Again, win­ners. The Ir­ish trou­bles, there are mem­bers of the North­ern Ire­land Assem­bly right now that have openly ad­mit­ted to be­ing a mem­ber of the IRA, a ter­ror­ist or­ga­ni­za­tion. Win­ners again.

Should WWII gone the other way the he­roes of the French Re­sis­tance and other par­ti­san groups would have been la­belled ter­ror­ists by the win­ners. In Afghanistan many of the Mu­jahideen who fought against the Soviet Union then be­came Tal­iban ter­ror­ists when they fought against the west. There are count­less other ex­am­ples go­ing down through the ages. It’s not straight for­ward in any way shape or form. I don’t con­done what ISIS are do­ing for a mo­ment but the only way to stop the mad­ness is mean­ing­ful di­a­logue and I have no idea how that can even be­gin to hap­pen right now.

Right now do I think that Canada should be in Syria? How about no. The cir­cum­stances have be­come much more dan­ger­ous with Rus­sian air­craft and mis­siles fly­ing about. How long be­fore there is an in­ci­dent that in­creases the ten­sions that are al­ready there or worse take con­flicts to a new level. Rus­sia is our neigh­bour and al­ready build­ing a con­sid­er­able force to the north. Do we re­ally want to poke that bear?

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