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The McLeod River Post - - Points of View - by June McInnes

Ask me what we’ve been do­ing over the past few weeks, well, we sold our house and have moved.

It was a very fast process to be hon­est now I look back on it. But at the time it felt like it dragged for much longer.

Our house was ad­ver­tised on Ki­jiji, our lo­cal pa­per also on Face­book and in three months it was sold.

Then came the dreaded pack­ing. It started al­right. but as the time went on I found my­self throw­ing out a lot of stuff or giv­ing it away or do­nat­ing it. As you de­clut­ter you start to re­alise that you re­ally don’t need that col­lec­tion of or­na­ments or quite that many throw pil­lows or in­deed that many saucepans and boom, you made a big dif­fer­ence in what you have to pack.

We packed for nearly two weeks and grad­u­ally got it un­der con­trol. The big day of the mov­ing truck ar­rived.

It was late, two hours late, I called them, they said could them come to­mor­row? I said it was not pos­si­ble and every­thing would be ru­ined if they did not come, even­tu­ally they did and backed up the drive­way.

The driver opened the doors and we started to move things to­ward the con­tainer. It was then we re­alised that the con­tainer would not drop off the bed of the trailer which meant that every­thing had to be lifted at least five feet into the air, which is if you have not seen me be­fore is above my head height. In­ter­est­ing to say the least.

My hus­band and some of our older chil­dren had to lift our brand new wood stove that was still in the crate onto the back of this beast (we brought her with us to Canada, think­ing we would put it in a house here, but ended up buy­ing a house with one in al­ready). af­ter that one of our daugh­ters, was in­side the con­tainer and she made a ter­rific job of fit­ting every­thing in, Tetris style, pack­ing like a cross be­tween a puz­zle and stone wall puz­zle.

It took two and three quar­ter hours to pack the con­tainer, we were ex­hausted. We waved it all off and went in­side the house to have a sweep round in readi­ness for com­ing back the fol­low­ing day to clean down.

That night we stayed in a ho­tel in town and slept like the dead.

Next day, up with the lark and off to clean the house. That took a cou­ple of hours too. But that’s what you do. Say­ing good­bye to the house was a lit­tle sad. It no longer felt like a home, it felt like just a house now, not ours any­more.

It was re­ally strange. We drove down the drive for the last time and off to a new start.

That’s what we’ve been do­ing over the last few weeks, mov­ing. Now all we have to do is find some­where to live.

I shall keep you posted.......

June McInnes

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