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Not long now un­til the big day. Lots of peo­ple keep ask­ing me if I’m ready for Christ­mas, well I am, but we never go over­board, we eat a cooked din­ner on the day and there are sel­dom any left­overs not be­cause we overeat, but be­cause I try to tailor what we need to what we have and what I think will get eaten at one sit­ting. I don’t like waste and can’t af­ford it ei­ther, es­pe­cially in th­ese eco­nomic climes. We do have a pud­ding but we don’t have cream with ev­ery­thing ei­ther. I’m mak­ing my cake again this year as it will be a gluten free one and I don’t trust the ones from the shops, home made is much nicer any­way and I can be ab­so­lutely sure of what goes into it. I’ve also de­cided to make the pud­ding as well

That will be the only thing that I have left to do now and we will be “ready” as peo­ple put it.

I know it’s a cel­e­bra­tion, but it is only one or two days and I don’t need to feed an army or be lav­ish. It will be just us and the chil­dren this year, so nice quiet fam­ily stuff, re­group­ing and chill­ing out, spend­ing that qual­ity time that every­body keeps talk­ing about do­ing but doesn’t al­ways get. We will keep our tra­di­tion of bak­ing cook­ies or mak­ing crafts on Christ­mas eve, slip into our Jim­jams, then fin­ish the evening off with hot choco­late and watch­ing The Snow­man car­toon on TV. Bed­time is never a prob­lem and apart from a lit­tle gig­gling that goes on be­fore they nod off Santa doesn’t usu­ally have much trou­ble get­ting their stock­ing on the bed ready to plun­der first light. That leaves com­ing down for a hot drink and sit by a nice warm fire to open their presents. I feel so lucky, I have a home, a fam­ily and we all do laugh to­gether quite a lot, sure, we have our ups and downs but we are quite a tight knit group and I love them for that. So what if our house isn’t per­fect and there’s a hole in my sock, that our tree doesn’t stand up straight, who cares! It’s per­fect to me.

I’m grate­ful for what I have right now. I wish every­body could be as lucky.

I’m try­ing to stay out of the kitchen so much this year so easy recipes does it.

I hope th­ese recipes help you too. Merry Christ­mas to you and yours!

Mulled wine for a cool Yule

1 bot­tle of a good fruity red wine (not too cheap)

2-3 sticks of cin­na­mon Zest of 1 orange and the juice 1 orange cut into slices 1 tea­spoon of gin­ger ½ tea­spoon of nut­meg 1-2 star Anise 2-3 ta­ble­spoons of sugar (to taste) Method

Pour the wine into a saucepan and al­low to heat, but don’t al­low to boil.

Once hot, take off the heat and add all the spices, sugar, orange juice and zest.

Stir with a wooden spoon to com­bine.

Lastly float the orange slices on the top of the wine. It is now ready to drink, a su­per warmer on a cold snowy night.

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