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The McLeod River Post - - Points of View - by June McInnes June McInnes

Just lately, per­son­ally, we’ve been do­ing a lot of trav­el­ling as a fam­ily, some by plane and lots and lots of driv­ing.

It made me think about how many miles peo­ple do cover in a year, for work or recre­ation. We’re all go­ing some­where and get­ting faster do­ing it. In spring, sum­mer, au­tumn or win­ter there’s al­ways miles to be trav­elled.

Yes­ter­day we had a call from our daugh­ter, she was driv­ing and her car broke down, she needed to be res­cued. Thank­fully she was able to pull off the high­way a lit­tle which was bet­ter than be­ing in the mid­dle of it caus­ing a block­age, and when we ar­rived we were able to push the car into a range road and ren­der it safe. She called the RCMP to tell them what had hap­pened and ex­plain that it will be moved as soon as pos­si­ble, that’s the right thing to do, oth­er­wise your car will be towed and you will have a hefty bill.

We’re so reliant on the truck, car, lorry and train. So many things are trans­ported from house con­tents to fresh flow­ers, gro­ceries to tyres. An army of peo­ple out there work­ing hard keep­ing ev­ery­thing go­ing. Mar­vel­lous.

Mov­ing on I’m think­ing about tidy­ing up the yard be­fore it snows, of hav­ing that last sweep round and last mow of the lawn be­fore it’s cov­ered in a white fluffy du­vet of snow. Clear­ing some of the leaves and bag­ging them up, just to make it a lit­tle ti­dier.

Then take all our card­board to the dump and clear that. That leaves only a small amount of re­cy­cling to take in and that’s me fin­ished for my clean up.

I like a nice tidy yard. Next to look for­ward to is Hal­loween oh the pos­si­bil­i­ties .....

Hal­loween is one of my favourite sea­sons, the chill in the air, scary movies on tv, treats for the chil­dren, I’m hop­ing to have a brown Hal­loween, it makes trick or treat­ing eas­ier that’s for sure and your chil­dren don’t prac­ti­cally need a sur­vival suit to stay warm.

Last time I cel­e­brated we all dressed up, in­clud­ing me, one of our daugh­ters made me a cos­tume, a fairy god­mother com­plete with bag of glit­ter and wings, I laughed so hard, thank you Alexan­dria, it made my day. We were get­ting on fine till the car de­cided to break down and we had to get help, but we laughed it off. The only thing that an­noyed me that night wasn’t the car or the cold or the dark roads, it was my fairy wings, they drove me nuts, they kept catch­ing on the seat when I got in and out.

Choose your cos­tume wisely if you’re driv­ing, ba­nana shaped wings is not a good look, this I know from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence. Other than that, I hope you en­joy your night. So long be­fore Hal­loween I’m choos­ing a com­pletely dif­fer­ent cos­tume, one with no wings, noth­ing to keep shut­ting in the door. Think care­fully and choose wisely.

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