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To­day I am feel­ing it, how on earth as a so­ci­ety did we get to be such whin­ers, every day I hear peo­ple com­plain about the most silly things, things that don’t re­ally mat­ter in the great scheme of things and why or why does it mat­ter to so many peo­ple that they don’t seem to like the word “moist” what is that all about?

If you don’t like how things are go­ing in your life, find a way to change it, this lat­est gen­er­a­tion, and I don’t mean ev­ery­one spends far too much time on their phones and tablets. Back in the day when our chil­dren were grow­ing up, kids were crit­i­cized for watch­ing too much tele­vi­sion, there’s al­ways some­thing to catch their at­ten­tion, but it’s about dis­ci­pline in the home, bal­ance and love, yes, love. Talk to your chil­dren, don’t throw money at them and push them out the door. Get to know them, make friends with them, they are af­ter all your “mini mes.” I was lucky with my mum, un­til she be­came ill she was a great mum, no one can say oth­er­wise and it wasn’t her fault she be­came ill or that the ill­ness changed her per­son­al­ity ei­ther, She was a lovely mum, lots of out­ings in the car to­gether as she couldn’t walk far, we would go get ice cream to­gether, chat, laugh, she was great. But I di­gress. Don’t let your chil­dren grow up not know­ing you at all, oth­er­wise, one day that stranger will have to come back to bury you and clean out your house, you’ll have missed so much to­gether. Stop whin­ing about what you don’t have and con­cen­trate on what you do.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to have a good time, have a pot luck with your fam­ily or neigh­bours that keeps the cost down and if you each did that say every month you’d have some­thing to look for­ward to, maybe make new friends or con­nec­tions.

Have a few friends round and watch a movie to­gether.

I’m not say­ing go out if your ei­ther your com­fort zone or friends list, just mix it up a bit.

Hu­mans are one of the word species on this planet for ha­bit­ual be­hav­iour, break that mould, get out there, be spon­ta­neous if you can, I’m not ask­ing you to dance naked in the rain, just at least look at it from the win­dow, do some­thing dif­fer­ent, be your old self for a day, not what life has made you, don’t for­get to breathe.

As we age, we tend to leave be­hind old ways and hob­bies, usu­ally be­cause of money or time con­straints or chil­dren, then as you age you have maybe a lit­tle more time, like at week­ends if you don’t work them or in the evenings, start a hobby, or pick up an old one.

Me, I clat­ter around all day do­ing ‘stuff’ then in the evenings, af­ter I serve the even­ing meal, that’s my time to cre­ate some­thing, I love to paint and draw or sculpt or knit or cro­chet, I sew too, it’s my way of deal­ing with stress, I feel com­pelled to make some­thing, if I can’t I feel sad, I’ve al­ways felt that way. As I’m older now and we have less chil­dren liv­ing with us I have slightly more time to my­self, there, that’s the mo­ments I live in, the time I wait for, when I can pick up what I want to make and carry on, it might not be the best made thing ever, but you can guar­an­tee it’s an orig­i­nal and made to the best of my abil­ity and most im­por­tantly if all, it’s made with love.

Don’t be shy, get out there, do a class if you can, or buy some wool and prac­tise at home, ask a friend. There are a ton of books at the lo­cal li­brary and if you have in­ter­net then use Utube for a wealth of how- tos with in­struc­tional videos, don’t be bor­ing, be fab­u­lous.

Stop whin­ing and go cre­ate some­thing.

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