Shut­ter bug blues

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I know I said I’m al­most ready with my home made makes for Christ­mas, but I didn’t men­tion was the hun­dreds of things I’d like to be able to make that are on my to do list, I have enough things to make to last me prob­a­bly an­other three or four life­times. I am an avid reader and en­joy look­ing at craft web sites, that’s where the trou­ble starts, I book­mark things to make later and sud­denly I have hun­dreds of things I re­ally want to make for friends and fam­ily or my­self, I love to cre­ate things, make things, bake , sculpt, paint, draw, and love pho­tog­ra­phy. I used to do the whole bit with a proper cam­era you know the kind, the ones with fil­ters and you set the aper­tures etc., etc., the kind that un­less you’re re­ally good at it, the sub­ject could die be­fore you get to take the pic­ture.

I en­joyed tak­ing ran­dom pic­tures ev­ery­where I went, that was my hobby. But I was sin­gle and hadn’t met the love of my life yet and don’t know we’d have such a won­der­ful bond be­tween us, so I was fleet of foot and fancy free so to speak. That all changed when we got mar­ried and started hav­ing chil­dren. I still took lots of pic­tures, but mostly of the chil­dren and out­ings we’d go on. Tech­nol­ogy changed and so did the cam­era I used, it went from box brownie to Ko­dak landswinger then the proper cam­era and af­ter that it was what we af­fec­tion­ately called the brick cam­era it was dig­i­tal but heavy, hence the name. It took great pic­tures though. Now of course peo­ple all use their phones, HD un­heard of back in the day, now it’s the norm, every­one can sub­mit a pic­ture from prac­ti­cally any­where in the world in no time at all.

I won­der to my­self, if tech­nol­ogy has moved on so much why hasn’t it changed us for the good, if some­thing bad hap­pens you see peo­ple on TV all gather round not to help, but to catch the mo­ment on their phones, about 24 peo­ple will si­mul­ta­ne­ously start cap­tur­ing the mo­ment in­stead of help­ing some­one, what have we be­come?

Ev­ery day I see peo­ple walk­ing and tex­ting, driv­ing and tex­ting, stupid, just stupid, why take the chance? Don’t do it, you’re not ca­pa­ble of do­ing it both at the same time, so don’t even try. It will end badly, and peo­ple may even die, please, just don’t.

I don’t hate phones they are a nec­es­sary evil, they can save lives too but why do peo­ple have to be on them for so long. Our chil­dren don’t bring them to the ta­ble, yet you see on TV chil­dren us­ing them at the meal ta­ble or any­where, it’s just sad that for some they can’t leave it alone for even a short time Peo­ple shop with it, pay bills with it, store mu­sic and pho­tos on it, yes it’s a re­ally im­por­tant bit of kit al­right, just don’t for­get to have a break from it now and again.

I’m sure that tech­nol­ogy will bring us some­thing else suit­ably en­ter­tain­ing in the fu­ture, let’s hope it saves lives not en­dan­gers them with mis­use.

So, ar­rive alive and don’t drink or text when you drive.

Time to do more of my Christ­mas projects and you can bet I won’t be us­ing my phone for a few hours.

Be nice to one an­other.

June McInnes

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