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What is Udhiya?

Udhiya’ is an Ara­bic word mean­ing “blood sac­ri­fice”, and ‘Qur­bani’ is an Urdu and Per­sian word de­rived from the Ara­bic word “Qur­ban” which lit­er­ally means an act per­formed to seek Al­lah Ta’ala’s plea­sure. It is tech­ni­cally used for the sac­ri­fice of an an­i­mal slaugh­tered for the sake of Al­lah Ta’ala. The sac­ri­fice of an an­i­mal has al­ways been a recog­nised form of wor­ship in many re­li­gions, but in the ‘Shariah’ (Is­lamic sa­cred law) of The Last and Fi­nal Mes­sen­ger of Al lah Ta’ala (Peace be upon him) the sac­ri­fice of an an­i­mal has been recog­nised as a form of ibadah (wor­ship) dur­ing the three days of the month Zul Hi­j­jah, namely the 10th, 11th,and 12th . This is to com­mem­o­rate the un­par­al­leled sac­ri­fice of­fered by the Prophet Sayyidna Ibrahim, Alayhi Salam, when he, in pur­suance to a com­mand of Al­lah Ta’ala con­veyed to him in a dream, pre­pared him­self to slaugh­ter his beloved son, Sayyidna Isma’il, Alayhi Salam, and ac­tu­ally in­tended to do so, but Al­lah Ta’ala the Almighty, af­ter test­ing his sub­mis­sion, sent down a sheep and saved his son from the log­i­cal fate of slaugh­ter. It is from that in­ci­dent that the sac­ri­fice of an an­i­mal be­came an oblig­a­tory duty to be per­formed by every Mus­lim who has the means to do it.

On who is it oblig­a­tory?

Qur­bani is Wa­jib (oblig­a­tory) on every Mus­lim who is of sound mind - ma­ture (has reached the age of pu­berty),Muqeem (i.e. he is not a traveller in terms of Sharia) Pos­sesses the amount of 612,36 grams of sil­ver or wealth equiv­a­lent to that value which is in ex­cess of one s ba­sic needs and debts on any of the three days of Qur­bani. It is not nec­es­sary that this amount be in one s pos­ses­sion for a com­plete lu­nar year. (please do con­sult your lo­cal Is­lamic Schol­ars for more de­tails and ex­act value in your lo­cal cur­rency)

What the Qu­ran says:

Al­lah Ta’ala, The Most Wise says: «It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches Al­lâh, it is your piety that reaches Him. In­deed He has sub­jected them (an­i­mals) to you so that you may glo­rify Al­lah for guid­ing you, and give glad tid­ings to those who ex­cel in good.» (Qu­ran-22:37)

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