The Miracle - - Women -

By : Asma Ayyaz, Mort­gage Bro­ker

It is a very sa­cred emo­tion, to sac­ri­fice, to give up some­thing which is dear to you, you like it ve very much. It re­quires will­ing­ness, think­ing no­ble tho thoughts, courage and ac­tion. It is quite easy to tal talk no­ble but dif­fi­cult to do so. Li Life is long joun­rye. It re­quires on many oc­ca­sios sions, many sit­u­a­tions which re­quires sac­ri­fice pe per­sonal in­ter­est or needs for oth­ers.

Par­entsPa for chil­dren, fam­ily

in WhenW life. one One mar­ries,has to many­give up changes some, takesgain some place things.thi As soon as one mar­ries, he and she both have to think about every­thing, ca­reer, money, per­sonal habits, likes & dis­likes every­thing for two, by keep­ing the spouse and fam­ily in mind. Sac­ri­fice is a big heavy word but its mean­ing, its essence is in our life on each step we take in life,each big or small de­ci­sions we take. Once we be­come par­ents, life re­quires more ad­just­ments, many small and big sac­ri­fices. Par­ents first think of the re­quire­ments and bet­ter­ments oftheir chil­dren first. Par­ents put thei rchil­drens needs first. If they want to go out for them­selves, they will think of their chil­dren first and this sac­ri­fice they do hap­pily will­ingly. That is the beauty of any act that it should come from within, within our own free will. It is al­ways a great feel­ing when one can do some­thing for oth­ers, help oth­ers or give up some­thing. Sac­ri­fice on a men­tal state We should be ready to sac­ri­fice our bad habits, our char­ac­ter flaws, self­ish­ness, mean­ness that is dif­fi­cult­fi­cult and that is why in­stead of giv­ing up, sac­ri­fice word is used. When any­thing is done with a good cause, good and emo­tional feel­ings, with whole heart­edly, any big or small act is not bur­den­some. it is done will­ingly and smil­ingly. If to do some­thing is a bur­den, not done with un­der­stand­ing, it is bur­den­some and does not serve its pur­pose. Par­ents give up their dreams, wishes, their choices and feel­ings, work, time and what not only for bet­ter fu­ture of their chil­dren, fam­ily it is also a kind of sac­ri­fice. They do this for bet­ter fu­ture of their chil­dren. In re­turn at least chil­dren can un­der­stand it and hon­our it by mak­ing their life bet­ter and sac­ri­fice the temp­ta­tion of their young age and make their fu­ture, make bet­ter and right choice about their friends, study, work, ca­reer and life part­ner. May be they dif­fer from their par­ents or may be they feel they are more right but at least they should dou­ble check their de­ci­sions, con­sider the ex­pe­ri­ence of par­ents and think. Even if they take dif­fer­ent de­ci­sions they can at least re­spect and be po­lite to their par­ents. For any in­quiries please email at :as­

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