The Month of the Holy Prophet's (PBUH) birth

The Miracle - - Faith - By Nourah Ab­dul Aziz Al-Khereiji

SINCE the first day of the month of Rabiul Awwal the third month of the Hi­jrah cal­en­dar in which the an­niver­sary of the birth of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, falls, I have felt a joy fill­ing my heart, light­ing up vi­sion and en­velop­ing the uni­verse. We ex­change greet­ings to cel­e­brate the month cho­sen by Most Mer­ci­ful God for the birth of Prophet Muham­mad, pbuh, the light of mankind, mas­ter of the pi­ous, guide to the right path and the spring­time of our hearts. All our noble sen­ti­ments are at­tached to this hon­ored month which is first among all months. Ev­ery year we wel­come the month like lovers who have been wait­ing the whole year for a re­union. The month brings us to the an­niver­sary of the birth of the Holy Prophet, pbuh, the model for mankind and the seal of the mes­sen­gers. We al­ways say that though the study of his life and works are re­quired at all times, they are par­tic­u­larly sig­nif­i­cant on his birth an­niver­sary. While all coun­tries cel­e­brate their na­tional days ev­ery year, the month and day on which the leader of mankind and best of God’s cre­ations was born is en­ti­tled to be commemorated in a fit­ting man­ner. It should be done by mu­tu­ally re­mind­ing our­selves of his deeds and be­ing fa­mil­iar with his qual­i­ties so that our love for him be­comes deep-seated in our hearts. We should re­new our al­le­giance to him, dis­cuss his teach­ings and make sure that we fol­low in his footsteps. In the words of the Holy Qur’an, All that We re­late to you of the sto­ries of the apos­tles — with it We make firm your heart, in them there comes to you the truth, as well as an ex­hor­ta­tion and a mes­sage of re­mem­brance to those who be­lieve.” (Chap­ter: Hud, Verse: 120). By fol­low­ing the Holy Prophet, pbuh, we will achieve God’s love and mercy. God says in His Book: “(Muham­mad) says: If you love God fol­low me, God will love you and for­give your sins, be­cause God is Oft-for­giv­ing and Most Mer­ci­ful. (Chap­ter: Al Imran, Verse: 31). Fol­low­ing the footsteps of the Holy Prophet, pbuh, and im­plicit obe­di­ence to him car­ries us to a point of per­fec­tion in which our love for him ex­ceeds our love of self or our love of any­one else. He said: “None of you be­lieve un­til you love me more than your wealth, your sons, your­self or any other peo­ple or things. Then only will we be able to love for the sake of God, hate for the sake of God and sac­ri­fice to win the love of God. Ev­ery vir­tu­ous deed we do is with the hope

of get­ting re­ward from God. By per­form­ing acts that bring us closer to God, we reach a stage where we can be in the com­pany of the Prophet, pbuh, in Par­adise and view God’s face which is the ul­ti­mate bliss. And that is the goal we yearn for. Of the Prophet, the best of all mankind, God de­scribed in the

Holy Qur’an: “You have an ex­alted stan­dard of char­ac­ter.” (Chap­ter: Pen, Verse: 4). It is also stated in the Holy Qur’an that he is the Mes­sen­ger of God and the Seal of the Prophets: “Muham­mad is not the fa­ther of any one of your men, but he is the Apos­tle of God, and the Seal of the Prophets. And God has full knowl­edge of all things.” (Chap­ter: Con­fed­er­ates, Verse:

40). The recital of the prayers to send blessings on the Prophet, pbuh, is an act of bound­less re­ward. Most Mer­ci­ful God has been gra­cious enough to lead us out of dark­ness into light. O God, send your blessings and salu­ta­tions to our mas­ter, Muham­mad, his fam­ily, his com­pan­ions and all those who will fol­low him un­til the Day of Judg­ment. Though there is dis­agree­ment on the date on which the Prophet, pbuh, was born, there is no dis­pute over the fact that he was born on Mon­day. There­fore, Mon­day has a spe­cial sig­nif­i­cance.

We Mus­lims must thank Mer­ci­ful God Go for guid­ing us to the true re­li­gion and in­clud­ing us in the com­mu­nity of Muham­mad, pbuh. It is our duty to trans­late our thanks to God in vir­tu­ous deeds, and ex­press our joy over God’s spe­cial mercy in send­ing the Prophet, pbuh, to us. Almighty God said in the Holy Qur’an “We sent you not but as a mercy for all crea­tures.” (Chap­ter: The Prophets,

Verse: 107). Though we should al­ways prac­tice vir­tu­ous deeds to en­able us to achieve close­ness to God, it is most im­por­tant to do so on spe­cial oc­ca­sions. Does mankind know a more ap­pro­pri­ate day than the day of his birth On this day we should prac­tice more of his Sun­nah such as fast­ing, car­ing for our kin, feed­ing the poor, mak­ing our spouses and chil­dren happy, or­gani ing gath­er­ings to dis­cuss his life and ex­em­plary qual­i­ties, seek­ing for­give­ness from those we have wronged and, above all, in­crease glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of God. O Al­lah, send blessings and salu­ta­tions upon our mas­ter, Muham­mad, and his fam­ily and re­ward us in both this life and the life af­ter death. O God, send blessings and salu­ta­tions upon our lord, Muham­mad, and il­lu­mi­nate our hearts and en­no­ble our minds both in this life and in the life af­ter death.

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