A Good Happy Life !

The Miracle - - Women - By: Asma Ayyaz, Mort­gage Bro­ker

The essence of a good happy life is to be ac­tive. When we are ac­tively do­ing some­thing good, pos­i­tive, it has tremen­dous benefits. Our mind is ac­tive, we get new ideas, our eergy is at a high level, we dis­cover tal­ent in our­selves and big­gest ad­van­tage is de­pres­sion runs miles away from us and away from peo­ple around us. Be­ing ac­tive in life is a so­lu­tion to many de­press­ing moods. An idle mind is the dev­ils work­shop We are hu­man be­ings, so we should try ut­most to bring the good in us. The whole idea be­hind any re­li­gious or so­cial rit­u­als is to wake us up from our mono­to­mous and bor­ing state to the state of hope, alert­ness and fun with knowl­edge and good thoughts and deeds. Fam­ily At­mos­phere When the whole fam­ily does any ac­tiv­ity to­gether, the at­mos­phere at home is like spring sea­son. Each and ev­ery mem­ber par­tic­i­pates and plans are made to visit friends and rel­a­tives. All fam­ily mem­bers pinch in to clean the house, bring items and help one an­other. We be­come so­cial, meet other peo­ple, old re­la­tions are made stronger and new re­la­tions are formed. This re­spon­si­bil­ity first falls on the shoul­ders of el­ders, par­ents when chil- dren are par­tic­i­pat­ing in fam­ily func­tions, hap­pen­ings from very early age, they de­ve­l­ope more pos­i­tive per­son­al­ity. The home en­vi­ron­ment In the end, ev­ery­thing starts at how the home en­vi­ron­ment i i is. Th The chil­dren hild are not given choice of se­lec­tiv­ity in the house and par­ents could care less. It is a very se­ri­ous re­spon­si­bil­ity of the par­ents. It is their duty to cre­ate a home suit­able to raise in­di­vid­u­als who are go­ing to be part of the so­ci­ety af­ter them. How many young­sters who get mar­ried have heard of marriage vows and what a caste, com­mu­nity or creed is? ANd how many par­ents or el­ders have sat with these newly to be wed in­di­vid­u­als and ex­plained them about the new role they will take on in their life, its im­por­tance and af­fect it’ll have on their so­cial be­hav­iour? There is a strong need for pre-marriage coun­selling and post-marriage coun­selling. Emo­tional Sea­sons It is very im­por­tant to be emo­tion­ally ma­ture too. When a new fam­ily starts, al the mem­bers need to be un­der­stand­ing, more tol­er­ant and big hearted to ac­co­mo­date new meme­ber in the fam­ily. And at the same time the new mem­ber needs to adapt to cer­tain en­vi­ron­ments. This will help re­duce the prob­lems in fam­ily life and cre­ate a healthy at­mos­phere and a happy home. For any in­quiries please email at :as­mashums@gmail.com

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