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Afriend is de­fined as a per­son you know well and re­gard with af­fec­tion, trust and re­spect. As you get ol older, some of your friend­ships will start to ch change, and some may grow deeper. You might also be­gin to know many more peo­ple, l al­though not all of them will be your cl close friends. C Chances are, you will also start to spend m more time with your friends and maybe talk on the phone more. Changes in re­la­tion­ships are nat­u­ral but not al­ways easy. Mak­ing and keep­ing friends can be par­tic­u­larly tough if you are shy or un­sure of your­self. The best way to make new friends is to be in­volved in ac­tiv­i­ties and in the com­mu­nity. An­other way to make friends is to be friendly and help­ful to other peo­ple. Talk to them, get to know them, and find out if you have some­thing in com­mon with them. Peer pres­sure can play a ma­jor role in friend­ships. If some­one is vul­ner­a­ble to peer pres­sure, the re­la­tion­ship is not bal­anced. Re­mem­ber that you have the right and duty to stand up for what you be­lieve is right. Ex­press your­self with your friends. You have the free­dom to say “no” if you dis­agree. If you are scared of los­ing a friend­ship by stand­ing up for what you be­lieve is right, then you are in an un­sta­ble friend­ship. True friends lis­ten to and re­spect each other’s opin­ions. Stand­ing up for your­self may cause tension in a friend­ship, but it is OK as long as you have the skills to han­dle the sit­u­a­tion. Re­mem­ber to com­mu­ni­cate your ideas while re­spect­ing your friend’s opin­ion. By mu­tu­ally sup­port­ing each other, whether or not you agree, your friend­ship will be more sta­ble. Tips for keep­ing healthy friend­ship: hip: Be Sup­port­ive, Be En­cour­ag­ing, Be Co­op­er­a­tive, Com­pro­mise, Be Con­sid­er­ate, Talk Openly about Dis­agree­ments, Apol­o­gize when you hurt them – few things to get you started.Hav­ing Friends are im­por­tant as it con­nects you with peo­ple and hence you can share so many com­mon things to­gether in­stead of living in iso­la­tion!!

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