Waan laysa lil in­sani­illa ma’ sa’aa That man can have noth­ing but what he strives for.

Mirac­u­lous Muharram Mus­lim New year’!

The Miracle - - Editotial - By: Gul­shan Aalani

Muharram, the first month of the most sig­nif­i­cant Is­lamic New Year. In which wars and killing is for­bid­den-Haraam. 2ne of the most sa­cred Mirac­u­lous month Muharram’ known as Month of Al­lah’ for a num­ber of most sig­nif­i­cant mir­a­cles per­formed by Al­lah-Cre­ator-*2D that no hu­man gods can. HE res­cued the Prophet -8niver­sal Mes­sen­ger Muham­mad (SAWS), and the new Mus­lims con­sists of Jews, Arabs, Bani Is­rael etc., from the tyrant Pa­gans per­se­cut­ing them for ac­cept­ing 2ne Cre­ator *2D, and HIS fi­nal Rev­e­la­tion. They needed to es­cape the ex­treme ill treat­ment, tor­ture, cru­elty on Chil­dren, kid­nap­ping women, dis­crim­i­na­tion by the no­to­ri­ous author­ity and so the di­vine help was given to them. Amaz­ingly, they were di­vinely guided to mi­grate to Yathrib-Abyssinia whose Chris­tian ruler King Ne­gus -An-Na­jashi was known as a right­eous per­son who af­ter lis­ten­ing the Sura Maryam/Mary re­cited by H. Jaf­fer (RA) the el­der brother of Caliph H. Ali (RA), he was most im­pressed and re­al­ized the au­then­tic­ity of the Di­vine Rev­e­la­tion and close­ness of Chris­tian­ity and Is­lam that is the con­tin­u­a­tion of past Rev­e­la­tions, he wel­comed the new Mus­lims to stay in his coun­try. The other mirac­u­lous happy oc­ca­sion of Ex­o­dus’ Day of )reedom, ma­jor res­cue of Bani Is­rael by the hard work of Prophet Moses (AS) and by Di­vine bless­ings. Ev­i­dently, on the day of Ashura of Muharram Al­lah granted vic­tory to Prophet Moses (AS) over the King Pharaoh. *od de­liv­ered Prophet Moses (AS) and his peo­ple Bani Is­rael their sal­va­tion from the op­pres­sor evil Idol wor­shiper king Pharaoh and his evil Army, who earned *2D’S wrath for their cru­elty, un­just sys­tem and the ma­jor sin of ig­nor­ing the com­mand of Prophet Moses (AS) to free the op­pressed Slaves. Af­ter experiencing some calami­ties and Di­vine pun­ish­ment Pharaoh gave in and freed the slaves, but later fol­lowed them with the Army out of anger to de­stroy them but they failed due to the Sea in be­tween: Mirac­u­lously, the sea was di­vided into the safe cross­ing path and Prophet Moses (AS) and his fol­low­ers were saved by none other than the Su­per Power Supreme Be­ing Al­lah Cre­ator-*2D and Pharaoh and his evil army were drowned. Qu­ran: 20 80: 2 ye Chil­dren of Is­rael WE de­liv­ered you from your en­emy and WE made a covenant with you on the right side of Mount Si­nai re­mem­ber WE de­liv­ered you from the peo­ple of Pharaoh they set hard tasks and pun­ish­ments, slaugh­tered your sons and let your women folk live therein was a tremen­dous trial from your Lord and re­mem­ber WE di­vided the Sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharaoh’s peo­ple within your sight . Con­se­quently, his vic­tory was cel­e­brated as Eid day by our brethren Jewish and the tribes of Prophet Is­raeli-Ja­cob (AS). The same tra­di­tion is con­tin­ued by Mus­lim 8mmah as sug­gested by Prophet Muham­mad (SAWS) to cel­e­brate his vic­tory and thank Al­lah by fast­ing 2 days of Ashura. Also spe­cial Dua is made for all the mar­tyrs in­clud­ing Prophet’s *rand son H. Hus­sain (RA) and 2nd. Caliph 8mar (RA) who are not con­sid­ered dead but alive in Heaven.

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