Trib­ute to Shuhadae-Kar­bala at Bul­lay

The Miracle - - Front Page - By Tuaha Younas

On Sep 29, Bul­lay Shah Acad­emy and An­ju­man Khu­dam-e-Suf­fiya in keep­ing with the grand tra­di­tions of Auliya Al­lah paid rich trib­ute to the Mar­tyrs of the Kar­bala at its Acad­emy at Scott Raod Sur­rey. The pro­gram be­gan with a recita­tion of Holy Qu­ran by Hafiz Ahmed Raza. Sev­eral prom­i­nent lo­cal Naat khawans, in­clud­ing Qari An­war Naqsh­bandi, Muza­m­mil, Shehra­yar, Ma­lik Farasat and Naseer Pirzada pre­sented re­spect­ful sa­lu­ta­tions to the Imam Hus­sain A.S. and the House­hold of the Holy Prophet PBUH (Ahl-eBayat). Their lau­da­tions were widely ap­pre­ci­ated by the many at­ten­dants of the pro­gram. The mul­ti­faith pro­gram was at­tended by peo­ple of mul­ti­ple re­li­gion-eth­nic back­grounds, united in their re­spect for Imam Hus­sain A.S. and in­debt­ed­ness for His mes­sage. Maulana Al-Haaj Ab­dul Latif Nau­mani, par­tic­i­pat­ing as spe­cial speaker, re­cited var­i­ous verses of the Holy Qu­ran and Ha­diths high­light­ing the im­por­tance and the il­lus­tri­ous sta­tus of Ahl-e-Bayat. He stressed the im­por­tance of learn­ing from the ex­am­ple and the sac­ri­fice of the Ahl-e-Bayat. Pir Afzal Ahmed Naqsh­bandi, who presided over the gath­er­ing, built and ex­panded upon the Holy Verses and Ha­diths nar­rated by Maulana A.L.Nau­mani, in an im­pas­sioned and mov­ing speech. He shed light upon the term ‘Ahl-e-Bayat’ and ex­plained that there are three kinds of Ahl-e-Bayat. The Sakni, which in­clude the Moth­ers of the Faith­ful, the Nasbi, which in­clude Hzt. Ali, Bibi Fa­tima, Imam Has­san, Imam Hus­sain(R.A) and their noble lin­eage, and Aizazi those who are in­cluded in Ahl-e-Bayat due to their as­so­ci­a­tion and their love for the ex­alted chil­dren of Holy Prophet (PBUH). He ex­pounded, with great con­vic­tion, that the sal­va­tion in this world and Here­after is only pos­si­ble by fol­low­ing the path of Ahl-e-Bayat a feat only pos­si­ble with fer­men­ta­tion of their love in one’s heart. He said that Al­lah does not re­ject any sup­pli­ca­tion made by any true lover of Ahl-e-Bayat in their Holy name. Pir Afzal also ex­pa­ti­ated on the sac­ri­fice of Imam Hus­sain and Ahl-e-Bayat, their brav­ery, for­ti­tude and grace in the face of the hor­rors and sav­agery vis­ited upon them by the bes­tial horde be­sieg­ing them. No other group amongst the chil­dren of Adam have been tested by Al­lah the way Ahl-e-Bayat have been tested. Yet, all Imam Hus­sain re­quested in re­turn for His great sac­ri­fice was the forgiveness for the Mus­lim Ummah. He ended his poignant ad­dress by urg­ing ev­ery­one to love Ahl-e-Bayat for just as Al­lah has pu­ri­fied them (Qu­ran 33:33), they, too, pu­rify any­one who comes to their door with faith in his heart. The pro­gram ended, as it had be­gun, with sa­lu­ta­tions on Holy Prophet and His Ahl-e-Bayat. He also made a spe­cial Dua for the sta­bil­ity and pros­per­ity of Mus­lim Ummah in gen­eral and Pak­istan in par­tic­u­lar. Bul­lay Shah Acad­emy, work­ing un­der the ban­ner of As­tana-eAliya She­han­shah-e-Wi­layat, Gu­jrat Pak­istan, holds a monthly mul­ti­faith event on the last Satur­day of ev­ery month. All are wel­come to at­tend.

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