‘Most hated Sharia’!

Waan laysa lil in­sani­illa ma’ sa’aa That man can have noth­ing but what he strives for.

The Miracle - - Editorial - By: Gulshan Aalani

No doubt Sharia/Di­vine Law is the most hated as much as Is­lam the re­li­gion of Prophet Abra­ham (AS): Of course by those who aren’t re­ally aware of the Di­vine ‘Prod­uct’. No­body is go­ing to trust the prod­uct with­out know­ing its ef­fect, it’s in­gre­di­ents, its gen­uine maker, or the ap­proval by FDA and a cer­tifi­cate of safe prod­uct. Well, Since the be­gin­ning of the world mankind is given the pre­scrip­tion for liv­ing safely on this earth. One of the ma­jor signs given is the ‘For­bid­den Tree’. Sim­i­larly, we have the warn­ing of traf­fic ‘Signs’ on the streets for our safety. We are aware of the dan­ger of re­ject­ing the traf­fic lights. Avoid­ing or ig­nor­ing the ‘warn­ing Signs’ would def­i­nitely lead to painful dis­as­trous bit­ter re­sults. Re­ject­ing GOD’S’ law is vis­i­ble in the toxic en­vi­ron­ment, pol­luted life style and ‘dark al­i­mate’ of our so­ci­ety, which is pro­moted as Plu­ral­ism and sec­u­lar­ism. Apart from the Na­tures dis­as­ters of earth quake, flood­ing, Tor­nado, and Tsunami de­scribed as: “Judge­ment of GOD- earth is re­act­ing for the sins of mankind” (Says: Loren Sand­ford), the tragic Tsunami of most com­mon sex­ual abuse aris­ing, due to the re­jec­tion of the law of ethics and moral val­ues plus the per­mis­sion of deadly Al­co­hol and Drugs that is ru­in­ing lives of many re­spectable peo­ple like Judge Ka­vanaugh. The re­cent nerve break­ing tragic is­sue of Chris­tine Ford al­leg­ing that Supreme Court nom­i­nee Brett Ka­vanaugh sex­u­ally as­saulted her more than 3 decades ago when they were High school stu­dents, she was 15 yrs. old and Ka­vanaugh 17. Ob­vi­ously her tes­ti­mony at this age is con­sid­ered au­then­tic but some mem­ory flaws re­peated: “I can’t re­mem­ber”, She also doesn’t re­call who owned the house or how she got there”. The rea­son could be the ef­fect of drink­ing Beer as she too was drink­ing Beer but claims to re­mem­ber the at­tack per- fectly.

“Ka­vanaugh and a friend — both “stum­bling drunk,” Ford al­leges — cor­ralled her into a bed­room dur­ing a gath­er­ing of teenagers at a house in Mont­gomery County”. The Par­ents too are guilty of the crime for al­low­ing a 15 yr. old to go to such un­eth­i­cal party of young naïve boys and girls. Though, this was the cul­ture prac­tice of the past and of to­day’s. The law has pro­vided the li­cense to young naïve peo­ple for such ‘life­style’, in­clud­ing the grown ups party or­ga­niz­ers too have ap­proved for such life style, so who is guilty and who can judge

In this case, all are guilty so either charge all or dis­miss the case. If there is a fire burn­ing no one in its right mind would jump in, but if he/ she did would right away la­belled as ‘Men­tally dis­turbed’. As al­leged Judge Ka­vanaugh was stum­bling drunk, so what does it mean He was foggy, more than her as he had more Beer and didn’t know what he was do­ing of Har­ram/il­le­gal. Blame the le­gal per­mis­si­ble of such dis­as­trous so­cial acts of mixed gath­er­ing of Al­co­hol drink­ing par­ties and to have all kinds of fun. Ob­vi­ously, his act was il­le­gal but acted half con­sciously-drunken, ac­cord­ing to his im­ma­ture age, but since then he has led an eth­i­cal life, he has fam­ily and can­not be con­sid­ered a ‘Pe­dophile’ as some co­me­dian sug­gests. Just imag­ine the suf­fer­ing of his wife and daugh­ters, go­ing through hell. They are all vic­tims. Ob­vi­ously, the fe­male vic­tims wouldn’t lie about such hor­rific ex­pe­ri­ence of as­sault, which teaches a les­son to the guilty par­ents for not warn­ing them of dan­ger, and pro­hi­bi­tion of touch­ingNe­giah (Leviti­cus 18:6-19). Ob­servers of this pro­hi­bi­tion is of­ten called a Shomer ne­giah. In Is­lam it is called Sharia-Di­vine law of Har­ram/il­le­gal. If the fol­low­ers of Sharia of ethic­sand moral val­ues re­luc­tant to par­tic­i­pate in such par­ties are abused as ‘Back­ward unso­cial’. The fact is that they know the bit­ter re­sult of re­ject­ing the ‘Red Light’ es­tab­lished by the Higher Power Supreme Be­ing. It is time for women to carry the ‘De­fen­sive spray’ and use it if as­saulted. Plea to Pres­i­dent Trump and world lead­ers: be­fore get­ting rid off the Nukes, get rid off the poi­sonous Al­co­hol and drugs.

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