Autism NL ex­plains ‘red puz­zle pieces’


At the First Re­spon­ders and Autism sem­i­nar in Clarenville last Thurs­day night, Autism NL’s re­gional as­sis­tant man­ager Tre­shana Gosse ex­plained the “Red Puz­zle Piece Cam­paign.”

Autism NL dis­trib­utes red puz­zle piece stick­ers free of charge for families who have chil­dren or adults with autism.

They are in­tended to be placed in the pri­mary res­i­dence or car of the fam­ily.

“They sig­nify to first re­spon­ders some­one in the ve­hi­cle or home has autism,” ex­plained Gosse.

If first re­spon­ders are called, sometimes care­givers may be in­ca­pac­i­tated, or not present, and the sym­bol can show the pres­ence of an in­di­vid­ual with Austism Spec­trum Dis­or­der (ASD).

How­ever, the stick­ers are meant only for the pri­mary res­i­dence or ve­hi­cle, be­cause first re­spon­ders may be putting them­selves in dan­ger if look­ing for a wan­der­ing per­son with ASD who may not even be there.

The puz­zle pieces are also dis­trib­uted to first re­spon­ders them­selves, as both a reminder to keep peo­ple with autism in mind when called, and to serve as sig­ni­fy­ing sym­bol for oth­ers to see.

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