One wrong turn

The Packet (Clarenville) - - EDITORIAL -

My wife and I were go­ing home to CBS from Gan­der Bay on Sunday, Aug. 13 when I de­cided to show her a friend’s cabin in Hatchet Cove.

One wrong turn ended up in a fun-filled Sunday evening that nei­ther of us will soon for­get. The folks we met in South­port re­in­forced our love of our province and the great folks who call it home.

Ap­par­ently I am di­rec­tion­ally-chal­lenged. I be­gan to drive through un­fa­mil­iar com­mu­ni­ties like Queen’s Cove and Long Beach. Hatch­ett Cove was nowhere to be found.

The raw beauty of Route 204 kept us driv­ing just a lit­tle more. We could not stop our­selves from driv­ing to the end of a road that nei­ther of us had ever ex­plored. We thor­oughly en­joyed the drive right to South­port.

We de­cided to stop on the gov­ern­ment wharf in South­port so that I could have a smoke, but I did not have a lighter.

“No prob­lem,” I thought. I’ll just ask some­one for a light. Our ad­ven­ture had just be­gun.

I spied a cou­ple salty look­ing men just leav­ing the wharf in their boat.

“Got a light?” I shouted, think­ing they would ig­nore the townie in Birken­stock san­dals on the wharf and go on their way.

To my sur­prise, they turned the boat around and not only of­fered me a light but in­sisted I keep the lighter!

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