Cros­bie — the or­chid des­tined to be over­looked

The Packet (Clarenville) - - EDITORIAL -

Dear ed­i­tor,

Fi­nally, a would-be politi­cian who ad­mits that he is not per­fect.

Do you think that we should give him a chance?

Not bloody likely!

You see, what we de­sire is per­fec­tion. We will set­tle for noth­ing less. And since we are al­ready drown­ing in per­fec­tion, Ches Cros­bie doesn’t stand a snow­ball’s chance in hell of be­com­ing our next pre­mier.

Dwight has it in the bag. At 51 per cent in the polls and ris­ing. And with Prime Min­is­ter Justin Trudeau gar­ner­ing over 70 per cent sup­port in this prov­ince, what bet­ter could we ask for? Team­work per­son­i­fied.

So there ya go. Two bul­lies are bet­ter than one. They knock us down, help us up so that we can show our grat­i­tude, then they knock us down again. Some gullible we are! Glut­tons for pun­ish­ment. But then, us New­fies al­ways were a “turn the other cheek” kind of Lib­eral sub­servients. When the bully punches us our re­sponse is more re­cep­tive to more bul­ly­ing. “Go ahead. Hit me again.”

So Ches, me son, I’m sorry. You’re not good enough. Dwight and Justin still have a cou­ple of terms left in them be­fore their petals wither and we dis­card them to the com­post heap. But for now, they’ll keep “lead­ing us down the gar­den path” to­ward the bram­ble bushes and the thorny roses. And you, Ches Cros­bie, will be the or­chid that we over­looked.

The same can be said for An­drew Scheer. An­other im­per­fect politi­cian.

He’s a Con­ser­va­tive, so there has to be some­thing wrong with him, at least in the eyes of the pun­dits from The Rock.

An­other or­chid will be tram­pled un­der­foot as we opt for the thorny rose. It has hap­pened be­fore, you know. To Robert Stan­field. Beaten down by Pierre El­liot Trudeau three times, and in ret­ro­spect he has been touted as “the best prime min­is­ter Canada never had.” And the Trudeau legacy lives on, for bet­ter or worse.

And then there was Tom Ride­out, who crawled out of the thorny rose bush to bloom in the or­chid patch. Didn’t last long, did he? As soon as we got the chance we cast him aside for an­other per­fect spec­i­men of a rose named Clyde Wells.

Per­son­ally, I liked Tom. And I like Ches.

But my opin­ion don’t mat­ter much. You see, I’m not per­fect nei­ther. So don’t give up Ches. Don’t let this old codger de­ter you. I’ve been wrong be­fore. I re­mem­ber it well. Sixty years ago, when I was in Grade 3, I got a damn good strap­ping be­cause I spelled a word wrong. A sim­ple lit­tle word. “Can.” And I “Couldn’t.”

Now you talk about be­ing bul­lied. Legally. But I got over it even­tu­ally. And so will the rest of you New­fies, I hope.

In the mean­time, I think I’ll move to Goose­berry Is­land and hold a ref­er­en­dum to sep­a­rate and form my own lit­tle repub­lic. But then that won’t work ei­ther. Sure, I’ll have to take Norma with me, and she’ll vote against me for sure.

She knows more that any­body else how im­per­fect I am.

Wil­bur Dean Ran­dom Heights Ran­dom Is­land

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