Ven­dors will­ing to pay the price for Mus­sel Bed Soiree

Town is­sues two sep­a­rate per­mits

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LEWISPORTE, NL — For ven­dors at the 31st an­nual Mus­sel Bed Soiree this past week­end, the abil­ity to serve food to the masses came with a price tag.

Lewisporte Mayor Brian Sce­viour ex­plained that ven­dors must pur­chase a ven­dor per­mit for the Soiree. The per­mits can be for a sin­gle day or the en­tirety of the fes­ti­val, but each comes at a price.

“The Soiree com­mit­tee, for those three or four days, ba­si­cally has pri­or­ity at the venues,” said Sce­viour.

This spe­cial Soiree fee is in ad­di­tion to the year-long ven­dors per­mit that busi­nesses must pur­chase to sell food in town.

Sceivour said these per­mits are good for the whole year — ex­cept for the Mus­sel Bed Soiree.

Break­ing down the costs

The cost of the ex­tra per­mit ranges, de­pend­ing on which days the ven­dor plans to serve and what they want to sup­ply.

Ac­cord­ing to the Town of Lewisporte per­mit ap­pli­ca­tion, these are the prices per day and ser­vice:

Hot dog ven­dor Chip van Other Fri­day $100 $100 $100 Satur­day $300 $450 $300-500 Sun­day $125 $125 $125

At the most ex­pen­sive end of the scale, it could cost a ven­dor $725 for the space to sell prod­uct over the length of the fes­ti­val.

Mar­i­lyn Snow, owner of The Grub Box, was one of the busi­nesses plan­ning to sup­ply food over the course of the week­end. Her van spe­cial­izes in take­out food such as ham­burg­ers and hot dogs.

She said her yearly ven­dor per­mit is around $225, with­out the ad­di­tion of the per­mit re­quired for the Soiree. She said it would cost her more for a week­end than she pays all year.

When asked if it would be hard to break even, Snow said a num­ber of fac­tors play a role.

“It de­pends on your lo­ca­tion and what you con­trib­ute,” she said.

The Soiree was ex­pected to be fairly busy over the week­end.


Mar­i­lyn Snow, owner of The Grub Box, was one of the ven­dors at last week­end’s Mus­sel Bed Soiree. How­ever, like the other ven­dors in at­ten­dance, Snow had to pay for a sec­ond per­mit to serve at the Soiree.

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