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The Pilot - - Puzzles - BUY­ING SPREE By Ti­mothy E. Parker ACROSS DOWN

1 “Ahem!” rel­a­tive 5 Re­porter who with troops

10 Al­ready cut, as lum­ber 14 Kind of bar that serves Asian del­i­ca­cies

19 “... and to ___ good night!” 20 Gad­get with which to point and click

21 States of feel­ings

22 “Crocodile


23 Five cans

27 “Shop sode

28 “What a great dis­cov­ery!” 29 “And while ___ the sub­ject ...”

30 Baby cra­dle?

31 Lively, ag­ile and ac­tive 33 ___ step of the way 34 Causes to be bogged down

35 En­tirely, to Cae­sar 39 Myth­i­cal god of war 40 Dusk, to po­ets of old 41 Hol­low cen­ter?

43 Two things bought boxes

50 Spooky and un­canny 51 Off­hand “Didn’t see you there”

53 The O’Hara es­tate of er­a­ture

54 Et ___ (and oth­ers) 55 Furry TV alien

56 “And ___ we go!” 57 The­olo­gian and





63 anger things Rock” you trav­els or bad singer buy

Fisher’s gad­get Com­pletely fit to drive Bangkok lan­guage Ruin part­ner (var.) in ‘til you drop” epi- in lit- pas­tor 64 jars

71 “This is buster’s shout)

72 Apt name tian

73 eye

74 Big ___ (MLB great David Or­tiz)

75 Aspen hills

78 ___ into (at­tacks ver­bally)

79 “... more, ___ mer­rier!” 82 Com­mon Bartlett’s ab­bre­vi­a­tion

83 Au­thor Mor­ri­son

84 Place for gold or coal 85 Good­bye in France 87 Two things you buy buck­ets

91 Al­ter­na­tive to pre­mium 93 Paid ath­lete

94 Var­ied mix­ture and that

95 Ur­ban re­newal tar­get 96 Academy Award

99 Kind of me­tab­o­lism 101 Gar­ment for Cae­sar 103 On leave, for a sailor 104 Word that ends a prayer 105 Deli cre­ation

106 Theater back­drop

111 Four things bought bags

115 A bun­dle of nerves 116 Par­tic­i­pate in a hunger strike

117 Re­spond crow

118 ___ vera

119 Nay fol­lower

120 Skip town

121 Mois­ten, as grass

122 Def­i­nitely not straight Four things you ___!” to a buy of

for in (crime- for a Dalma- Thing headed for a bull’s- in this in rooster’s 1 Com­mon thing quar­ter­back to do

2 Feed the hogs or feed for

a hogs

3 Deroga­tory re­mark drunk­ard’s re­mark

4 It’s bro­ken at line

5 Down Un­der fowl 6 Engine

7 Like some an­i­mal tails

8 Exxon be­fore it was Exxon





13 ter

14 Trou­ba­dour’s verse

15 Painful stom­ach prob­lem 16 Shop­per’s at­trac­tion 17 Fal­con-headed Egyp­tian de­ity

18 Ho­tel rel­a­tives

24 Her­shey com­peti­tor 25 Pearl seeker

26 2 or 3, e.g.

32 “The Raven” poet

33 “... ___ saw Elba”

35 “You got a bet­ter ___?” 36 Play­wright Cow­ard 37 Gangs pro­tect theirs 38 Ja­panese ki­mono sash 39 Feel­ing sore in one’s mus­cles

40 Sandy shade

42 Home De­pot ri­val 44 Im­pres­sive, airy lob­bies

45 “7 Faces of Dr. ___” 46 Pe­ter of Pe­ter, Paul and Mary

47 N.Y. city on the Al­legheny River

48 Your to you

49 Like a spi­der’s web

52 It’s not good to be in way eye­brows brother’s or the fin­ish or God of Latin El­e­gant cat Tree-lined area Teeny go-with

Grp. that mon­i­tors chat-

six-stanza ho­tel daugh­ter, its 56 Mr. Lin­coln, in­for­mally 57 Chases off, as gnats 58 Writ­ten agree­ment tween two sov­er­eigns 60 Ac­tiv­ity done on two run­ners

61 Quite an­cient

62 Use a word pro­ces­sor 63 A ques­tion of iden­tity 64 Ob­long yel­low fruit (var.) 65 “Argo” film ex­tra

66 Fixed chicken?

67 Sa­vory meat jelly 68 In­dian bread 69 Al­ter­na­tive to a clothes­line

70 Cen­tury divs.

75 How James Bond doesn’t like his mar­tini

76 Cuckoo, south of the bor­der

77 ___-two punch 78 Chauf­feured auto 79 Abrupt end­ing to a pin­ball game

80 Fea­ture of sum­mer 81 Dol­lar, in many places be- 84 Postal de­liv­ery 85 Shocked and stricken

86 Payable now

88 Less pop­u­lated

89 Prize rib­bon’s top 90 Dis­tinc­tive styles 92 Break­fast sta­ple

96 Ac­tor Milo

97 Like a new penny 98 Woody thicket

99 Bland or trite

100 Pro­vide laughs for

101 Fancy word for swollen 102 Not just over­weight 103 Bi­ble book af­ter John 105 Sun-baked, as desert ground

107 Mary­land cialty

108 Rouse to anger

109 Com­puter desk­top post

110 Get some face time with 112 No longer at­tached 113 Uber al­ter­na­tive

114 ___ and im­proved hor­ror- seafood spe- sign-

Don’t make things more dif­fi­cult than they need to be. There’s no need to tire your­self out try­ing to swim when float­ing with the cur­rent will get you where you need to go. It won’t take much ef­fort to gain mo­men­tum this week.

You can get far­ther with honey than with vine­gar. A soft, ten­der ap­proach may be what it takes to get a loved one to open up about their trou­bles this week. Don’t let rust set in; find con­struc­tive ways to uti­lize free mo­ments.

Do unto oth­ers as you would have them do unto you. It may be pos­si­ble to take com­plete ad­van­tage of a sit­u­a­tion but oth­ers may not ap­pre­ci­ate it. In the week ahead find a so­lu­tion in which ev­ery­one in­volved ben­e­fits.

Co­op­er­a­tion is key. Find­ing some­one who shares your en­thu­si­asm and pas­sion for a project will make the task that much eas­ier. Mak­ing a mi­nor sac­ri­fice could cre­ate good­will and help ease a stale­mate this week.

Pace your­self. Take your time when tack­ling tough jobs as chip­ping away at the task a lit­tle bit at a time could pre­serve your stam­ina. Be­ing in too much of a hurry to get things done this week leaves the door open for silly mis­takes.

Tag along for the ride. Pay at­ten­tion when oth­ers of­fer ad­vice and fol­low their lead when they take you into new and un­ex­plored ter­ri­tory. Al­low some­one else to do the driv­ing and you may gain valu­able knowl­edge this week.

Rise to the oc­ca­sion. Ap­proach the tasks on your check­list with en­thu­si­asm and your slate will be wiped clean be­fore you know it. Don’t be ap­pre­hen­sive if a loved one tries some­thing dif­fer­ent to get your at­ten­tion this week.

Don’t let dog days get you down. Plan a pool­side bar­beque with friends or take in an air con­di­tioned movie to beat the sum­mer heat. Ask for ad­vice when faced with de­ci­sions re­gard­ing busi­ness and fi­nances this week.

Ac­cen­tu­ate the pos­i­tive. You’ll never progress if you fo­cus on the neg­a­tives of an is­sue. Put your en­ergy into what you know will work as the week un­folds. Keep in mind that oth­ers are mon­i­tor­ing your per­for­mance.

Don’t beat around the bush. Be­ing hes­i­tant or over think­ing could work against you, so just fol­low your gut in­stinct and go for it. Main­tain an open mind about a ro­mance this week and you could be pleas­antly sur­prised.

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