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1 Its cups sup­port

4 A bunch of gen­tle­men (Abbr.)

10 Wet or­deal for a pooch 14 Deli lunch or­der, some­times

17 Air­craft-re­lated pre­fix 19 It al­lows pas­sage in a Tshirt

21 Turk­ish gen­eral

22 It’s well-cir­cu­lated

23 Beef patty holder

25 Thing for a rabbi to wear 27 Pro­vide sup­port

28 Lowly sub­jects 30 Thanks­giv­ing pie va­ri­ety 31 Old com­mu­ni­ca­tions code

32 Needed a tourni­quet 33 Shed tool

35 An­te­lope va­ri­ety

36 One of the Cal­i­for­nia Santas

37 Like

38 Things ath­letes oc­ca­sion­ally pull

40 113-Across, in the cham­pagne world

41 Group of like an­i­mals 42 Peru­vian beast of bur­den 44 U.K.’s mil­i­tary fly­ers 45 Move a pic­ture from this wall to that wall 47 Al­li­ga­tor­like rep­tile 48 “Even­tu­ally ...”

52 Aussie source meat

53 Long, ta­per­ing flag 54 “Yada-yada-yada” rel­a­tive 55 First name in leg­endary pup­peteers

58 Unan­tic­i­pated or with­out heirs of the of Beat­i­tudes low-fat warn­ing

59 Sub­stance oc­tane

60 An­guish

61 Last word of a three-word place in Wis­con­sin

62 Jew­eler’s mag­ni­fy­ing glasses

64 It has the power to turn lit­mus blue

67 It passes 19-Across

68 Mine de­posit

69 8-8, e.g.

70 One’s pro­fes­sional call­ing 72 A New York Is­land 74 Miss­ing ___ bureau 76 Cer­tain noble­man’s

77 Be a good schusser 78 Levee up

79 Holds off, as a mos­quito 80 Cause to be grounded, as a tree

83 One boot

84 “He’s ___ nowhere man” (Bea­tles lyric)

85 Eat with Mr. Fancy Pants, say

86 Non­fic­tional Ryan or fic­tional March

88 Pop­u­lar morn­ing combo 92 She’s a real deer 93 Doc­tors’ org.

94 “___ we all?”

95 “Gosh, Beaver”

96 Staffs, in a non-PC man­ner

97 Fatty nut for ice cream 99 Hav­ing a se­ries of grooves or bands

101 Mark score

104 Rope to fas­ten a sail 105 It holds a fill­ing

107 Civil War naval bat­tle thing up, mea­sured to as stuff a in in through do­main a mu­si­cal 109 Slith­er­ing fish 110 Ob­sessed by 111 Ro­tated around, planet

112 Dele’s re­ver­sal 113 All tow­eled off 114 Kiln for hops 115 Things in copiers 116 Predawn’s cen­ter? all the more cool than as a 1 Na­tion with many, many cays

2 One­time Safer co­worker 3 Weapons buildup

4 Small shop­ping place 5 Unit of en­ergy

6 Took in a scent

7 Shrill, ear-pierc­ing cry 8 Im­me­di­ately clothed a shower, of­ten 9 Slow-mov­ing, slimy crea­ture

10 Mary­land’s Ch­e­sa­peake 11 Some re­li­gious meals shared in love and fel­low­ship 12 “No ___ traf­fic”

13 Flag sym­bols no more 14 Al­ba­nia’s Penin­sula 15 Ap­prov­ing, Face­book­style

16 What start

18 Some wraps in Ja­pan 20 In­dia-to-South Korea dir. 24 Find a func­tion for 26 Elates or mo­ti­vates 29 Medicine man 32 Ob­sta­cle in frigid waters 34 Coun­try whose flag fea­tures a dag­ger

37 Course list

38 Quick, sim­ple sand­wich 39 Con­sist­ing of three parts 41 Non-U.S. city near Ni­a­gara Falls

42 Does after kids yard­work 43 One of many in a script 46 “Who, that lady?”

47 Let go for­mally, as land 49 One born in Des Moines 50 Roger who played James Bond

51 One side in a war

53 Wee pooch

54 Ice cream agent

55 Place to 77-Across 56 Eunuch’s re­spon­si­bil­ity 57 Astrin­gent and bit­ter 58 Seeks a court award 63 Sounded like a pig

65 It can mag­nify things 66 Im­por­tant or vi­tal 71 Ge­om­e­try an­swer, of­ten 73 Fuel for a fur­nace 75 Dev­il­ish

76 The Edgar who handed Char­lie life?

77 Trans­mit

79 A step be­yond anger

80 If you see these, get out of thick­en­ing the wa­ter

81 Cause to grow very thin 82 Did more than just ask for

85 Small­ish kitchen off­shoot 87 Rap genre

88 Fas­tened, as a gate 89 More Soho-y

90 Noth­ing more than 91 Ex­pels from the body 92 Wo­man’s over-head

96 Cer­tain dance

97 Great thing to break on a golf course

98 Cupid’s Greek cousin 100 Com­mon sand­wich filler 102 “I see your game!”

103 Sweet pas­try

104 Con­clu­sions

106 One fresh out of di­a­pers? 108 Above, po­et­i­cally Latin se­curer? Amer­i­can

Some­one might ap­pre­ci­ate your ro­man­tic side in the week ahead. A ro­man­tic part­ner may com­mand your at­ten­tion and spark your cre­ativ­ity. A friend or so­cial group, how­ever, could dis­tract you from du­ties.

Good in­ten­tions and help­ful­ness might not be enough, as ac­cu­racy and pre­ci­sion are needed to keep all the wheels turn­ing smoothly. Ini­ti­ate im­por­tant fi­nan­cial and busi­ness projects in the sec­ond half of the week.

Work out de­tails that are sticky by be­ing an­a­lyt­i­cal rather than picky. In the week ahead you might find that some­one close vac­il­lates be­tween be­ing gen­er­ous and eco­nom­i­cal. You should learn to roll with the punches.

You never ap­pre­ci­ate the highs un­til you get low. It is pos­si­ble that you see only what you want to see and be­come dis­il­lu­sioned in the week ahead. Use that en­ergy con­struc­tively to put mis­con­cep­tions to rest.

A brief pe­riod of mis­un­der­stand­ing could put you at odds with some­one im­por­tant in the week to come. Ro­man­tic yearn­ings could cause you to ig­nore wis­dom and act against your bet­ter judg­ment, so be dis­creet.

You un­der­stand the value of be­ing prac­ti­cal as well as imag­i­na­tive. What­ever chal­lenges you en­counter in the week ahead can be put into bet­ter per­spec­tive by get­ting more in­for­ma­tion and be­ing more un­der­stand­ing.

Group events and ac­tiv­i­ties might have a pointed agenda. In the week ahead it might be in your best in­ter­est to find ways to have a good time with friends. You can plan a shop­ping spree or a night out with bud­dies.

You may re­ceive pleas­ant re­minders that you are loved and val­ued as this week un­folds. Fo­cus on mak­ing a part­ner­ship stronger and en­joy sup­port­ive re­la­tion­ships. Your small­est ef­forts may add up to large achieve­ments.

All things come to those who wait. This week you can ad­just your view­point if you fo­cus on be­ing pa­tient. Rather than re­hash­ing the past you can dream about ways you can achieve a bet­ter fu­ture.

What­ever you can imag­ine can be­come re­al­ity. You may be in­spired to do some­thing im­por­tant in the week ahead. You can count on hav­ing the stamina to fol­low through on a project close to your heart.

Friv­o­lous fan­tasies could de­velop in the week ahead. You may have your heart riv­eted on the wrong per­son or thing. Your more se­ri­ous friends could keep you on the right path and mis­placed en­thu­si­asms in check.

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