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The Pilot - - Puzzles - AN AN­CIENT PUZ­ZLE By Ti­mothy E. Parker ACROSS DOWN

1 Im­por­tant things in pris­ons 5 Lose in­ten­sity, as a tide 8 School grp.

11 Poem that of­fers praise 14 Type of let­tuce

18 Lake near Ni­a­gara Falls 19 Word of shar­ing

20 Cer­tain no­ble ju­ris­dic­tion 22 El­lip­ti­cal shape

23 It’s sus­pended in the western United States

26 Coins in a Gucci bag, once? 27 Horse­shoe-shaped let­ters 28 Way past vexed

29 Ninth ___ (new school­ers)

31 Trade­marked

32 Con­curs

33 Some cats with blue eyes 34 Let­ters of the Big Ap­ple 36 Much-de­spised ro­dent 37 Wheels on yachts

38 Jes­sica of film

42 Thomp­son who won Os­car

45 Brezh­nev’s do­main, once 47 Bub­ble that burst in the early ‘00s

51 Thing for break out in

53 All guys

55 Chro­mo­some in­nards 56 Pre­pares for a heavy­weight bout

57 Game ex­ten­sions

59 Start of many in­struc­tional video ti­tles

61 Aids for walk­ers? 62 Al­ter­ca­tion

63 Pants ironer, at times 65 Mends a pre­vi­ous mend­ing 67 Some things or­dered by air the stun high provider fear­ful an to traf­fic con­trollers

70 Elected mag­is­trate Rome (var.)

72 Quick jaunt

73 Lack of mus­cle firm­ness 77 Lout or churl

78 First name in hor­ror films

80 It’s the end of the A-line? 81 Ear­lier-than-ex­pected bun­dle of joy

82 Col­lec­tion about a per­son

83 Boys no more

84 Some me­tal shop ac­tiv­i­ties 86 Named for­mally

90 City on the Ya­muna River 93 Food called un­clean by Jewish law

94 Male dear

95 NFL’s Beck­ham Jr.

97 NBA ri­val that in­cluded the Spir­its of St. Louis

99 End­ing for the very best 101 Flat­ters or fawns upon 104 Pro­duc­ers of bile

107 In­serted heart tube 112 Avian hu­manoids mythol­ogy

113 As­sert with­out proof 114 Po­ten­tial spar­ring part­ner?

115 Gar­ment for loung­ing around your in­door pool 116 Mer­ce­nary

119 Month on the Jewish cal­en­dar

120 Nep­tune’s fork­like de­vice 121 Feel­ing quite sick

122 Com­mo­tions

123 Cloth­ing depart­ment for 83-Across

124 Word in the first line of the U.S. na­tional an­them 125 ___ Plaines, Ill.

126 Lit­tle darned spot

127 Capone’s chaser of old of old Hol­ly­wood anec­dotes of 1 Sired, in the Bi­ble

2 Pleas­ant smell

3 Nee­dles with­out pins? 4 Swamp plant

5 Bil­lion-year

6 Flat­tened thing on a wind­shield

7 Fort in North Carolina

8 One skin­ning pota­toes 9 Strik­ing vis­ual scene 10 Hauls off to jail

11 Very strange

12 Lit­tle ca­nine

13 55th an­niver­sary gift 14 Most coura­geous

15 Some green climbers

16 It gives a bal­le­rina a leg up 17 Some­thing God will do 21 Box top

24 Make bucks

25 To­bacco in­gre­di­ent 30 Ex­plo­sive stuff in

32 Zenith

33 “The Tam­ing of the ___” 35 Bow sources

38 Play sec­tions

39 Tales passed down gen­er­a­tions

40 Cry plain­tively

41 Flus­tered, old-style “in”)

43 A lan­guage of New Zealand 44 Present, like some physi­cians?

46 Quick breather

48 Hen­ley team­mates

49 Many tip jar bills 50 Cush­ion for pins? 52 Hoity-toity, nose-in-the-air type

54 Throat ail­ment 58 Con­tin­u­ing sto­ries 59 Ledger the Joker

60 Above, to poets of old pe­ri­ods, ge­o­log­i­cally mag­a­zines from (with 61 Wors­ens over time

63 Kind of PC drive

64 Austin Pow­ers was one 66 It’s “in­stru­men­tal” in keep­ing the beat

68 Ten­nis stroke

69 Is­land in the Malay Archipelago

70 South­ern corn­bread 71 Make like Leo the Lion 74 Ex­clude from a list

75 Ship un­der Colum­bus 76 Safe­cracker, in slang 77 Crea­ture that sleeps up­side down

79 Ba­sic


81 Some files

85 Van Cleef and Ma­jors 87De­com­poses

88 Cheese in a red coat 89 Loathes

91 Tied the game in the bot­tom of the ninth, e.g.

92 City in Texas mone­tary email units of at­tach­ment 96 Lady in Poe’s “The Raven” 98 Ducks or side­steps

100 For­mer Rus­sian despot 101 One­time U.S. Pres­i­dent James ___ Garfield

102 Light-emit­ting ___ (LED) 103 Ci­ti­fied

105 Source of a “me, me, me” trip

106 for

108 Mar­cus Mar­i­ota is one 109 Avoid, as cap­ture

110 Dis­cour­aged be­hav­iors in so­ci­ety

111 Any Me­dusa snake

113 Sum up?

114 Floun­der rel­a­tive

117 Bit of truth de­cay?

118 Co-worker of Alice “Alice” Pro­vide new equip­ment on

One isn’t nec­es­sar­ily the loneli­est num­ber. Hav­ing some time to your­self may pro­vide some much-needed space and al­low you to clear your head. Keep your money in the piggy bank un­less it is ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary to spend it.

Main­tain an eye for de­tail. Even the small­est im­prove­ment can make a world of dif­fer­ence, whether it is straight­en­ing out a pic­ture or mak­ing dec­o­ra­tive de­ci­sions. Your calm and ob­jec­tive de­meanor makes you the per­fect me­di­a­tor.

Leave well enough alone. Back off if some­one doesn’t want to dis­cuss an is­sue as con­tin­ual pry­ing could cre­ate fric­tion. Don’t as­sume that oth­ers’ lack of mo­ti­va­tion puts you in charge or you will quickly be proven wrong.

Set the bar low. If you keep ex­pec­ta­tions within rea­son you won’t run any risk of be­ing dis­ap­pointed by the re­sults. Fo­cus on fin­ish­ing tasks and ty­ing up loose ends but avoid try­ing to start any­thing new.

Don’t bet on it. Con­di­tions may change such that what may at first seem like a sure thing could turn into a bum steer. Turn your en­er­gies to­ward hon­or­ing com­mit­ments and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties but don’t add any­thing new to your plate.

Even at a bar­gain price, a use­less item is still use­less. Don’t get so caught up in a sales pitch that you for­get that the best way to save money is to not spend it. Keep spend­ing at a min­i­mum un­til later in the week.

Let the chips fall where they may. Try­ing to ma­nip­u­late a sit­u­a­tion to your ben­e­fit could have dire con­se­quences so al­low events to un­fold nat­u­rally. Ro­man­tic pur­suits may not be par­tic­u­larly in­spir­ing but pa­tience will pay off.

There is a time and a place for ev­ery­thing. While your heart may yearn for ro­mance you brain should be telling you there is much to be done. Pri­or­i­tize tasks in order of im­por­tance and save flights of fancy for later in the week.

Keep your ears open. Lis­ten­ing to what some­what else has to say could shed valu­able light on a sit­u­a­tion that may have been prob­lem­atic for you. When shop­ping, your pol­icy should be look but don’t touch.

Make sure that the only toes that you’re stand­ing on are your own. Of­fer­ing crit­i­cism or un­so­licited help to some­one may breed more con­tempt than ap­pre­ci­a­tion. You’ll get a lot more done if you work on your own.

Don’t take it per­son­ally. Some­one else’s rot­ten mood could be con­ta­gious if you al­low them to get un­der your skin. You may find that you are far more pro­duc­tive when you tackle projects by your­self rather than in a group.

Be log­i­cal, not emo­tional. Some­times, when you are faced with hor­ri­ble choices, it may be bet­ter to make no de­ci­sion at all rather than a poor one. Tak­ing the road less-trav­eled may lead you to some­place ex­cit­ing and new.

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