The Province - - COFFEE BREAK - with Bob Jones

The bid­ding could use some ex­plain­ing. To­day’s deal was ac­tu­ally played some years ago, and all of the play­ers at the ta­ble were pretty good play­ers, if not ex­perts.

The stakes were mod­er­ately high. South de­cided to show off his im­pres­sive imag­i­na­tion by open­ing one no-trump.

This promised 15-17 points, but this was close enough for South. East’s dou­ble was “pro­tec­tive,” he said, what­ever that means. West was pleased to leave it in for penal­ties, and North made what he thought was an “SOS” re­dou­ble, ask­ing part­ner to run out to a suit. South, still ad­mir­ing his open­ing bid, thought that the re­dou­ble was for busi­ness and he passed.

East-West can take the first 11 tricks, which would be a penalty of 2800 points — enough to keep them in steak and lob­ster for at least two weeks.

Some­thing ter­ri­ble hap­pened on the way to the restau­rant.

West led the five of clubs, “fourth from his long­est and strong­est”. South was too ex­cited to speak when his queen of clubs took the first trick.

He just showed the op­po­nents his six di­a­mond tricks and claimed his re­dou­bled con­tract. In­stead of los­ing 2800 points, he won 760 points and the rub­ber. “Waiter,” shouted South. “Can I or­der some­thing to eat, please?” East and West had lost their ap­petites.

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