‘No-De­ductible’ In­sur­ance Has Ar­rived!

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Gone are the days of hav­ing to pay per­sonal in­sur­ance de­ductibles.

Johnston Meier In­sur­ance Agen­cies Group now has an out­stand­ing new cov­er­age op­tion that en­sures you won’t have to pay out of pocket for costly in­sur­ance de­ductibles. “We can re­im­burse your de­ductible en­tirely in the un­for­tu­nate event of a loss,” ex­plains Ed No­vak of Johnston Meier. “Our unique no-de­ductible cov­er­age pro­tects you against de­ductible pay­ments and gives you peace of mind at a time when you of­ten need it the most.”

For a frac­tion of the cost of their de­ductibles, Bri­tish Columbians can now pay a small fee to cover of­ten ex­pen­sive in­sur­ance de­ductibles on all their per­sonal prop­erty. “The cost of pro­tec­tion for two ve­hi­cles would be nine dol­lars per month,” ex­plains No­vak, adding that this can be paid monthly on a credit card with no ad­min­is­tra­tion or sur­charge fees.

“Our de­ductible re­im­burse­ment in­sur­ance is com­pre­hen­sive for many prod­ucts and cov­ers the full range of per­sonal lines prod­ucts such as homes, sea­sonal homes, au­to­mo­biles, trail­ers, snow­mo­biles, ATV’s, boats and mo­tor­cy­cles with de­ductibles up to a max­i­mum of $2,500,” says No­vak.

An­other ex­cel­lent ad­van­tage to Johnston Meier’s no-de­ductible in­sur­ance is that your monthly pre­mi­ums won’t change even if you have mul­ti­ple claims. Their in­sur­ance also does not re­strict your in­sur­ance car­rier so you can keep your cov­er­age with your bro­ker or buy your pri­mary in­sur­ance through any bro­ker in the prov­ince. “Many peo­ple say it is too good to be true, but it’s real,” says No­vak.

The re­im­burse­ment process is sim­ple and stream­lined. All you do in case of a loss is pay the de­ductible and then send in a copy of both your in­sur­ance pol­icy and de­ductible re­ceipt and within three weeks you will re­ceive a cheque re­im­burs­ing your de­ductible.

Johnston Meier’s ex­cep­tional new cov­er­age is avail­able to any Bri­tish Columbia res­i­dent. Sim­ply visit one of their forty-six of­fices through­out the prov­ince and pur­chase the in­sur­ance within a few min­utes. No­vak ex­plains that if you in­crease your per­sonal in­sur­ance de­ductible up to $2,500, this will re­duce your in­sur­ance rates. “You can use this sav­ings to­wards pur­chas­ing de­ductible re­im­burse­ment in­sur­ance from Johnston Meier,” says No­vak.

Johnston Meier has an exclusive agree­ment with a spon­sor­ing in­sur­ance com­pany to dis­trib­ute their no-de­ductible in­sur­ance through­out Bri­tish Columbia. Johnston Meier In­sur­ance Agen­cies Group is a lo­cally owned and op­er­ated in­sur­ance bro­ker­age. They have grown from a sin­gle lo­ca­tion, es­tab­lished in 1973 in Maple Ridge, to their cur­rent forty-six lo­ca­tions through­out Bri­tish Columbia. They are now one of the largest full-ser­vice in­sur­ance agen­cies in the prov­ince.

No­vak be­lieves the se­cret to their suc­cess is their qual­ity ser­vice. “We take the time to iden­tify cus­tomers’ in­di­vid­ual needs and find prod­ucts that meet the spe­cific needs of each per­son,” he ex­plains. “We have a vast range of com­pa­nies that we deal with which al­lows us to of­fer our cus­tomers more choices. We have ac­cess to es­sen­tially any mar­ket out there be­cause of our size.”

Their ex­cep­tional no-de­duc­tion so­lu­tion is one more ad­di­tion to their more than forty years of pro­vid­ing qual­ity ser­vice in ev­ery as­pect of the in­sur­ance in­dus­try. “Pay­ing a de­ductible of­ten adds in­sult to in­jury when you have to make a claim,” says No­vak. ”We are try­ing to help re­duce your stress and fi­nan­cial bur­den in the event of a claim.”

Visit your nearby Johnston Meier In­sur­ance of­fice today and speak to one of their pro­fes­sional team mem­bers to find out more about their exclusive zero-de­ductible cov­er­age. More at www.jmins.com.

John­ston Meier In­sur­ance is a lo­cally owned and op­er­ated in­sur­ance bro­ker­age with over 46 lo­ca­tions in Bri­tish Columbia.

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