Is it a Corvette? Mus­tang? This Bat­mo­bile is both

Replica sell­ing for US$675,000


A replica of the “Tum­bler” Bat­mo­bile from the Dark Knight tril­ogy of films is up for sale in Florida, boast­ing a US$675,000 price tag and sev­eral fea­tures that may make it one of the most ac­cu­rate repli­cas avail­able.

The ve­hi­cle is built off a cus­tom tube-frame chas­sis, and while it’s pow­ered by a 350-cu­bic-inch en­gine al­legedly sourced from a 1969 Corvette, it’s legally reg­is­tered as a 1968 Ford Mus­tang. (To boot, it’s listed on Au­ as a 2018 Lam­borgh­ini Aven­ta­dor.)

“This is es­sen­tially the clos­est you’ll ever get to own­ing the real ve­hi­cle used by Bat­man,” the seller writes in the ad for the “Car­bon Fiber edi­tion replica.”

They’re re­fer­ring specif­i­cally to the movie-ac­cu­rate hub­less-axle front sus­pen­sion; the flame-spit­ting “py­rotech­nic setup” in­stalled; and the three screens in the cock­pit, each con­nected to a dif­fer­ent ex­te­rior cam­era.

The body pan­els are al­legedly built from car­bon-fi­bre, in­clud­ing the roof panel which, in an ap­par­ent first for Tum­bler repli­cas, can be opened via key fob. The LED head­lights, flood lights, brake lights and turn sig­nals are all func­tional and, the seller notes, DOT-ap­proved, hint­ing this Bat­mo­bile may be street-le­gal.


A replica of the “Tum­bler” Bat­mo­bile is for sale in Florida.

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