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So here it starts to no sur­prise to many, I’m sure. The “Long-board­ers & bik­ers, etc.” It was only a mat­ter of time, wasn’t it? Too many, too of­ten, too long and too vis­ual; bet­ter shut it down in case some­thing hap­pens, right? Wrong!

We do this ev­ery spring. This soap­box thing is for my ben­e­fit. I am not known to many of these kids and my daugh­ter is not a boarder but speaks re­spect­fully of them from school. I do agree 100 per cent on hel­mets. Safety for our chil­dren is al­ways num­ber one. That’s a given, and most of them oblige.

To the driv­ers and walk­ers, of which I am both, I have not an in­ci­dent to re­port. Maybe oth­ers have had close en­coun­ters or just don’t want them in “your part of town.” I am not privy to that in­for­ma­tion and can only guess.

We have had board­ers/ bik­ers around since let me see – for­ever. We buy those things for them, prob­a­bly the num­ber one “grad­ing gift” hands down. It’s what chil­dren do – like hockey, swim­ming and base­ball. The ma­jor dif­fer­ence is those last three have des­ig­nated ar­eas or build­ings to ac­com­mo­date them. That cer­tainly helps keeps ev­ery­thing un­der con­trol, right?

Look, all I’m say­ing is we can’t pick what our chil­dren’s in­ter­ests will be, but its im­por­tance to these young mem­bers of our com­mu­nity is ob­vi­ous, and it’s time that those who can make moves to help fa­cil­i­tate them do so.

This is not a new is­sue by far, and while spend­ing mil­lions on de­sign­ing Queens Place, it is sad to see them not con­sid­ered and in­cluded in some sec­tion of that prop­erty. This is not a “re­bel­lious sport” or teenage phase. What they do on these boards and bikes can be amaz­ing, takes ex­treme skill with ded­i­ca­tion and as much ath­leti­cism as any “ac­cept­able” sport.

Say no to sit­ting around, say not to bul­ly­ing, say no to drugs and al­co­hol, but say no to these “wheeled ap­pa­ra­tus” ev­ery year, then these young folks will start say­ing yes to each of the pre­vi­ous! Now you weigh the pros and cons of that. Of­fer them a place, make them a place to call theirs, and that’s all they want.

You all love your hockey and ball. Just imag­ine how ex­cit­ing and mo­ti­vat­ing a com­pe­ti­tion in this venue would be for them and lo­cal busi­nesses.

To our amaz­ing RCMP, we ap­pre­ci­ate and un­der­stand this from your an­gle. Don’t get me wrong. But this would be the “the so­lu­tion” to end this ex­hausted topic, don’t you think? Those boys (and girls if ap­pli­ca­ble) are bright, in­tel­li­gent, do very well in school and are not trou­ble­some – just what ev­ery com­mu­nity as­pires to.

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