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I fi­nally got the courage to write this let­ter.

My Mom passed away be­fore the will got signed; I’ve been in re­hab & Queen’s Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal for my legs which started in my for­ties; buildup of cal­cium, arthri­tis, blood clots, for­sightis, & col­i­tis. Now I can’t walk the steps. Arthri­tis is so bad in knees; I walk with a walker with wheels. Stuck in the house, I don’t get out. I re­ally need a ramp but I need the house in my name to get ramps 7 re­bates off my taxes. My sib­lings are will­ing to sign off but it takes so long to come through and I have to pay for the changeover. I think the laws should be changed. Who­ever pays the taxes should get the re­bates. I’ve paid the taxes for nine years since 2008. I pay over $900 in taxes and al­ways pay on time and save each month to pay them in full.

What do they call dis­abled? If I’m not, what do you call it?

I only live on Old Age Se­cu­rity and very lit­tle dis­abil­ity. I am a proud woman. I never wanted a hand­out or to ask for help, I have al­ways worked un­til my legs got bad. I can’t walk long dis­tances and have not been in a store for years. The blood-man and VON come to my house. Good job I have a won­der­ful brother to do my er­rands. He has many health prob­lems him­self. I have to use an am­bu­lance to go see the doc­tor. I don’t have to pay where I don’t get much money.

If there is one an­gel in this town it is Jonathan Dickie. I had a big prob­lem with my sep­tic and he helped me. He didn’t know me but he trusted me. I’ll never for­get what he done for me.

Thanks for print­ing my let­ter. I just want to know why some peo­ple get help and oth­ers can’t. God Bless. Some peo­ple are hon­est and some are not.

Hon­esty is the best pol­icy, but not in my case.

Sin­cerely, Gail Brew­ster Liver­pool

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