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It’s that time of year again with buses hit­ting the roads bring­ing stu­dents to school for an­other school year. In some cases par­ents will be driv­ing their sons and daugh­ters to school and in other cases, if they live close enough, some stu­dents will be walk­ing.

Great care is taken in warn­ing young peo­ple of the dan­gers of traf­fic and of­ten par­ents go to the bus stop with younger chil­dren to en­sure they get across the road safe and onto the bus.

Buses are now equipped with all kinds of safety de­vises from flash­ing lights to flip out arms and lots of re­flec­tive tape.

Sadly there are some driv­ers that, no mat­ter how many warn­ing signs are up, will still go around a bus even with all the flash­ing lights en­gaged.

What’s the big hurry? A few min­utes out of your life to en­sure that a child gets across the street safely and onto or off a bus should be a top pri­or­ity.

Most driv­ers have a good idea of where the bus stops are in their com­mu­nity and are aware, or should be, of where cross­walks are lo­cated near schools.

In re­cent years many towns have those signs which record a ve­hi­cle’s speed and they are of­ten set up near school zone.

In Stephenville, they’ve been ef­fec­tive in slow­ing down most of the traf­fic when driv­ers com­pare the speed they are do­ing with the posted speed in a school zone.

The town has also in­stalled a flash­ing light sys­tem at the cross­walk on Main Street near McDon­ald’s, where a lot of stu­dents go at din­ner hour.

It seems to be work­ing for the best part, but some driv­ers still tend to go around other ve­hi­cles that are stopped tak­ing a left and de­spite the flash­ing lights.

Sev­eral more of th­ese are planned for cross­walk in­ter­sec­tions in front of Stephenville Mid­dle and Pri­mary Schools and will work well at those lo­ca­tions if driv­ers don’t make their way around stopped ve­hi­cles when the lights are flash­ing.

Peo­ple just seem to be in too much of a rush th­ese days and don’t seem to al­low them­selves enough time to leave from home and get to their des­ti­na­tion.

The thing is, as a driver, if you hit a child on a cross­walk you’ll be held up a lot longer than that mad dash to get through and prob­a­bly end up get­ting charges against you.

In the end, you’ll won­der if the rush to get that cof­fee or get­ting to work on time was all worth it.

School is start­ing this week, folks, and some young peo­ple tend to just walk right across the road with­out look­ing both ways.

The onus is on the driver – the per­son be­hind the wheel of that ve­hi­cle that a child doesn’t have a chance against – to be pru­dent and drive safely where kids may be cross­ing the street and es­pe­cially in school zones.

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