Ideas fuel change in the agri­cul­ture in­dus­try


Her­a­cli­tus of Eph­e­sus is cred­ited with say­ing “The only con­stant in life is change”. Ev­i­dence of change sur­rounds us in the agri­cul­ture in­dus­try. Thanks to the ap­pli­ca­tion of Global Po­si­tion­ing Sys­tems, trac­tors are ca­pa­ble of steer­ing them­selves. Un­manned trac­tors pulling grain carts can be sum­moned to come along­side a com­bine to re­ceive grain on the go. Au­ton­o­mous trac­tor pro­to­types ex­ist where over­sight is pro­vided re­motely. As tech­nolo­gies are de­vel­oped for other ap­pli­ca­tions, they are of­ten adapted and adopted by the agri­cul­tural com­mu­nity to re­duce labour re­quire­ments and im­prove ef­fi­cien­cies.

On the live­stock front, ge­netic and man­age­ment ad­vance­ments al­low more ef­fi­cient pro­duc­tion of meat and poul­try. Im­proved feed ef­fi­cien­cies al­low the same amount of prod­uct to be grown us­ing less feed and wa­ter re­sources. Pain med­i­ca­tion has proven ben­e­fits when ad­min­is­tered dur­ing man­age­ment pro­ce­dures such as castration, de­horn­ing and brand­ing. Biose­cu­rity protocols re­duce the risk and in­ci­dence of dis­ease out­breaks.

As of Dec. 1, cur­rently avail­able over the counter an­timi­cro­bials will re­quire a pre­scrip­tion from a vet­eri­nar­ian. Visit this link for a fur­ther ex­pla­na­tion

http://www.beefre­ blog/pre­scrip­tion-re­quired-for­live­stock-cat­tle-an­tibi­otics-de­cem­ber-2018-re­post/

The changes be­ing made to how an­timi­cro­bials are ob­tained for use in live­stock pro­duc­tion will al­low the in­dus­try to doc­u­ment pru­dent and re­spon­si­ble an­timi­cro­bial use and stew­ard­ship. These changes have stim­u­lated thought pro­cesses to find ways to ad­just man­age­ment strate­gies to fur­ther im­prove dis­ease pre­ven­tion.

Ad­vance­ments are made due to changes in tech­nol­ogy and pro­cesses as a re­sult of re­search and de­vel­op­ment ef­forts. The Agri­cul­ture De­vel­op­ment Fund is used by Univer­sity re­searchers to in­ves­ti­gate con­cepts that im­prove the com­pet­i­tive­ness of Saskatchewan’s agri­cul­ture in­dus­try. One way to find out what is be­ing done is to use the search func­tion at the link http://www. agri­cul­ search to search a very generic term like “beef” or “canola” or “soil”.

The re­sults pro­vide the ti­tles of var­i­ous projects be­ing con­ducted or that have been com­pleted. This pro­vides a flavour of what is be­ing re­searched in your in­dus­try. The op­por­tu­nity to di­rect re­search pri­or­i­ties comes through in­volve­ment in var­i­ous com­mod­ity or­ga­ni­za­tions. If you have ideas that you think should be in­ves­ti­gated, find the path to bring your idea for­ward.

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