The Standard (St. Catharines) : 2020-09-24

CANADA & WORLD : 14 : B2


B2⎮ STANDARD REVIEW TRIBUNE THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2020 l l >>CANADA & WORLD ELITE GOLD GROUP PRESENTS CASH FOR GOLD, SILVER & COIN ROADSHOW COVID-19 Safety Informatio­n WHAT WE WHAT YOU HAVE | • Free Masks Provided • Appraisers Equipped with Countertop Safety Shields • Sanitizing Stations • Controlled Gathering Size (Social Distancing) •Spaced Seating • Private Appointmen­ts Available Upon Request ALL STERLING SILVER SILVER/GOLD COINS SILVER/GOLD JEWELRY BILLS ALL GOLD&SILVER COLLECTABL­ES DIAMONDS ALL POCKETWATC­HES WATCHES JEWELRY · · · · · White Gold & Platinum All Gold & Silver Items .... any condition, even broken! · · · · Brooches Estate Jewelry Dental Gold Rings Bangles Bracelets Cuff Links · · Earrings Necklaces MINT SETS/BULLION BILLS/PAPER MONEY · · · · · All Box Sets All Collector Sets All Gold Bars All Silver Bars Canadian Bills, US Bills, Foreign Bills WATCHES STERLING SILVER · · · · · Flatware Tea/coffee Service Trays · · · · · Candlestic­ks Salt/pepper Shakers Medals Trophies All Gold Watches All Silver Watches Pocket Watches Name Brand Watches · All Other Sterling Silver Items Cigar/cigarette Cases · · COINS · · · · Bring your coin collection­s and we’ll sort through it for you Silver Coins Coin Set Mint Sets Olympic Coins Canadian Coins (1968 & older) US Coins (1964 & older) Gold Coins · · · BRING IN YOUR... HOW IT WORKS Collect all of your items, broken, tarnished old, or any condition. Come and visit us at our event location.then one of our specialist­s will evaluate your items at no cost. We will offer you top dollar in cash for your items. You sell your items, walk out with cash! · · · · · Gold/ Silver/ Diamonds Sterling Silverware Ring Boxes Vanity Sets Gold/ Silver Collectabl­es ..... Call or email us if you have a question about an item Ugiaspere, sumendi blatum haria corum et auda dis cum qui as et, corepel magnimin nit, conseque et archil endaecerit­is aut magnis invenis dolumet laborem sus dipsum cuptas sam nim fugiahnaom­t ,c um il iuw m am et dwi squeilsl t faceperis modit quate30n onpsreinqc u atciohraer­pleta e cts u i iaotunmqui­at moloredpra­ovt it et lp2ar4chti­h ta di2 t, ut ariorit vellessini­um coreped essimus, aspid et et, tota dolupti a venim eatqui doluoccus vent porums e re vesnutontd a im u0 st eaqtu o5 d quatur tem quo magnit quibea comniendus­t, lendi oribus idunt et exped dolum et, videm facea dipsam ex exerio. Xeriori oruptati conseque lluptcau m s e eos ci nonseexqpe u ab t qui so. oluptate eument aut debisti YOU’RE INVITED - THIS WEEKEND! We Pay Higher Than The Competitio­n! FREE PARKING & FREE ADMISSION WANT TO AVOID WAITING? Eoln:serb es t efusgtite rn Piplsuan s avnendt THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED STIO MDE Rsremporpo­s RTAAEPPPER­RASI Seresllwan­itihhit Yaecacru S F EXPERIENCE FRIENDLY, HASSLE FREE 0 e s Dnriihvi e ,Wriseclila­pn dc , Eh:arisone TIME: pu t - 7iptshusan­dit p CALL US TO BOOK YOUR TIME SLOT Thursday & Friday : 11am to 4pm atpularbdo ay & as y :1 am o pemt 1-855-812-4653 PAYING CASH ON THE SPOT FOR YOUR BROKEN & UNWANTED ITEMS IN ANY CONDITION HOTEL: 905.732.0922 PHONE: 1.855.812.4653 | | PHONE: 1.855.812.4653 EMAIL : WEB:

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