Teacher needs help, ex-stu­dent says

‘When I was younger, ev­ery­one at school thought he was a cool teacher,’ he tells sex trial


A for­mer stu­dent tes­ti­fied Wed­nes­day that a Sud­bury teacher fac­ing sex charges “needs help” and shouldn’t be al­lowed to teach again.

The stu­dent, who is now 19, de­scribed how Damir Bulic al­legedly plied him with gifts and al­co­hol when he was a boy and how he per­formed a num­ber of sex­ual acts in front of him.

The man said he would be a different per­son to­day if he had never met Bulic.

“I was 12 years old,” he said. “I was get­ting food, money, clothes, gifts, get­ting pulled out of class,” he said. “I don’t be­lieve I would be smok­ing. I think I would be a different per­son grow­ing up with my par­ents and ev­ery­thing ... To go through that is just wrong. For some­one in so­ci­ety to do that, es­pe­cially a teacher, is un­be­liev­able ...

“When I was younger, ev­ery­one at school thought he was a cool teacher. I was get­ting al­co­hol all the time. At that point, at 12 years old, get­ting a $1,000, a lap­top ... But now, I feel like I wouldn’t be the guy I am now. I would be a lot different.”

The man also said he be­lieves Bulic should no longer teach.

“Mr. Bulic never abused me or tried to touch me, but I think he needs help. I don’t want him to do that to any­one else as a child ... I don’t think Mr. Bulic should be al­lowed in a class­room. I never want to see my kid in a class­room with a teacher like that. I think he needs help. It wasn’t right what he was do­ing and he should be pun­ished.”

Bulic, 46, who is not in cus­tody, is fac­ing four counts of per­form­ing an in­de­cent act and one count of in­vite sex­ual touch­ing, all al­legedly in­volv­ing the same male mi­nor from Sept. 1, 2010 to Sept. 30, 2011.

Orig­i­nally, all five charges cited the City of Vaughan as the lo­ca­tion where the al­leged cries oc­curred, but on Wed­nes­day, the Crown asked for and was granted per­mis­sion by Jus­tice Dan Cor­nell to change the lo­ca­tion for four of them. As a re­sult, two of the crimes al­legedly hap­pened in Greater Sud­bury, two on Man­i­toulin Is­land, and one in Vaughan.

The de­fence team of Breese Davies and Owen God­dard did not op­pose the changes.

The al­leged vic­tim re­called a trip to Canada’s Won­der­land in 2011. He said they drank beers and had chicken wings. With other chil­dren asleep in a ho­tel room, he said Bulic grabbed a con­tainer with left­over chicken wings.

“Mr. Bulic cut a hole in the sty­ro­foam (con­tainer) and stuck his pe­nis in it,” the for­mer stu­dent tes­ti­fied. “He was do­ing this in the bath­room of the ho­tel room. It was mid­night ... I’m guess­ing he just saw the idea and did it.”

He said that after hav­ing sex with the con­tainer, a naked Bulic went into the ho­tel hall­way, rubbed his pri­vates on the walls, and came back in.

“He was just laugh­ing, act­ing like a drunk teenager,” said the man. “I was laugh­ing, but in the back of my head think­ing that’s pretty strange. I was 12 years old ... After the in­ci­dent, I started to re­al­ize it’s start­ing to get a little strange ... In the back of my mind, it’s weird, but I kept go­ing along with it.”

In ear­lier tes­ti­mony, the for­mer stu­dent de­scribed how Bulic had sex with a wa­ter­melon and how the teacher asked him to use a cell­phone to tape the ac­cused mas­tur­bat­ing on the hood of a ve­hi­cle at a lo­cal ball field.

He also talked Wed­nes­day about sev­eral vis­its he and Bulic made to the camp on Man­i­toulin Is­land owned by the teacher’s un­cle. On one oc­ca­sion, the man said he and Bulic drank some beers and were about to go to sleep when Bulic of­fered oral sex.

The for­mer stu­dent said he “just laughed and said no. We’re not go­ing to do that. We just went on with the con­ver­sa­tion.”

How­ever, the re­quest got him think­ing, he told the court.

“I was 12,” he said. “All the gifts he was giv­ing me, the things we were do­ing to­gether, we were drink­ing, I thought it was wrong.”

The man also said Bulic mas­tur­bated while they were in the camp’s sauna to­gether.

“He was just hav­ing a good time,” he tes­ti­fied. “It was funny for him.”

On an­other oc­ca­sion, the for­mer stu­dent re­called a short visit to the camp one school night. He said they drank beer and some of Bulic’s moon­shine. He said Bulic let him drive back to Greater Sud­bury. But he also said Bulic con­vinced him to mas­tur­bate while driv­ing and watch­ing pornog­ra­phy on his cell­phone. Bulic video­taped the act with a cell­phone, he tes­ti­fied.

How­ever, the stu­dent he lost con­trol of the ve­hi­cle and went into the ditch. A tow truck had to be called.

The man said he and Bulic later watched the video, with the teacher even show­ing it to an­other stu­dent at school.

The man also said Bulic once hosted a party for stu­dents at his home where vodka was put into the punch bowl and some chil­dren downed whiskey shots in the base­ment.

He said when his par­ents or­dered an end to the re­la­tion­ship, Bulic gave him $1,000. The man said his par­ents found out and his fa­ther drove to Bulic’s home and re­turned the money.

Dur­ing cross-ex­am­i­na­tion, God­dard, one of the de­fence lawyers, pointed out in­con­sis­ten­cies in state­ments the man gave to Greater Sud­bury Po­lice and what he tes­ti­fied Tues­day and Wed­nes­day.

God­dard said he found it hard to be­lieve that young stu­dents could con­sume hard liquor and their par­ents would not no­tice when they picked their kids up at Bulic’s home.

“Sir, this sim­ply isn’t true,” he told the man.

The for­mer stu­dent said dur­ing cross-ex­am­i­na­tion that he just re­mem­bered video­tap­ing Bulic ly­ing on his bath­room floor mas­tur­bat­ing. He said the mas­tur­ba­tion was a demon­stra­tion on how to do it prop­erly. That in­ci­dent did not come out in ex­am­i­na­tion-in-chief by the Crown.

“This is eight years ago,” ex­plained the man. “There is so much that hap­pened. There is so much I prob­a­bly didn’t put in the (sec­ond) state­ment.”

When God­dard told the man he couldn’t keep straight all the de­tails about the re­la­tion­ship with Bulic be­cause it did not hap­pen, the man replied, “it did hap­pen. I just know that it did hap­pen. Things I didn’t con­cern my­self with, it’s still in my mind. I know it did hap­pen. It was eight years ago. There was so much we did to­gether.”

The trial con­tin­ues Thurs­day.

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