Wall mounts for your flat-panel tele­vi­sion

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Dig­i­tal TVs are al­most ʻde rigeurʼ for the well-equipped home theatre these days. Their sleek good looks, cou­pled with de­creas­ing prices, have made their pop­u­lar­ity soar. Yet buy­ing a flat-panel TV you re­ally like and then hav­ing it suc­cess­fully sit­u­ated in your home tend to be two sep­a­rate is­sues.

Whether se­lect­ing a larger plasma TV or a smaller LCD model, most con­sumers end up at­tach­ing them to a wall uti­liz­ing a wall mount. With that in­stal­la­tion gen­er­ally comes some ad­di­tional work of run­ning the TV ca­ble and elec­tric wire be­hind the sheetrock so all the wires are hid­den. And, be­cause the TVs can get very heavy, it is im­por­tant that the wall mounts are se­curely fas­tened to studs be­hind the wall. Most dig­i­tal TV deal­ers rec­om­mend that their cus­tomers have the new TVs and wall mounts pro­fes­sion­ally in­stalled.

Wall mounts are avail­able in a num­ber of styles; some of them just hold the TV to the wall, while oth­ers have a range of mo­tion, such as tilt, swivel, pan and ex­tend. Some, known as full-mo­tion mounts, al­low all those func­tions. One fact about wall mounts, though, is they at­tach to the wal­lʼs sur­face and there­fore hold the TV away from the wall from any­where from 2.5” to 5”; from the side the mount can be seen.To an­swer those con­cerns, one new prod­uct — an in-wall box that holds and hides a full-mo­tion wall mount — al­lows the TV to be flush with the wall so the mount does­nʼt show. It is now pos­si­ble to use a re­cessed in-wall box that al­lows a dig­i­tal TV to rest snug­gly against the wall, hid­ing the mount in the process. This new prod­uct, the LR1A by Sanus Sys­tems, is sim­ple to in­stall and ful­fills a userʼs de­sire to have a TV flush with the wall. When used with an ap­pro­pri­ate com­pan­ion full-mo­tion wall mount, vir­tu­ally any TV from 15” to 50” can be mounted so that the TV can be pulled out and pushed back, de­pend­ing upon view­ing needs. For in­stance, with use of the Sanus Sys­tems VM400 Full-Mo­tion Flat-Panel TV Wall Mount, a TV weigh­ing up to 80 lbs. can be ex­tended from 3.5” to 20” off the wall.

The in-wall box is made of heavy gauge steel that pro­vides in­cred­i­ble strength and rigid­ity. It is in­stalled by cut­ting a hole in the sheetrock be­tween wood studs and fas­ten­ing the re­cessed box to the studs by lag bolts. The in-wall box is avail­able in a sil­ver, black or paintable white fin­ish. It fea­tures cutouts for sig­nal and power ca­bles.

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