At the end of the mow­ing sea­son, plan lawn im­prove­ments

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If the grass al­ways seems greener on your neigh­bour's side of the fence, the ex­perts have some ad­vice that will help make your lawn the envy of the neigh­bour­hood the whole sea­son long.

Start by di­vid­ing the sea­son into five stages: early spring, late spring, sum­mer, early fall and late fall. By fol­low­ing a few sim­ple steps in each stage, your grass will be healthy all year round.

"The most im­por­tant time to care for your lawn is in the spring," says Aaron Ma­honey, a lawn and gar­den ex­pert. "By start­ing the sea­son off right, you'll have less work on your hands and a bet­ter lawn un­der your feet."

In early spring, ap­ply a 'weed-and-feed' com­bi­na­tion to the lawn. It will en­cour­age the grass to green up ear­lier and con­trols weeds such as crab­grass and clover. Once ap­plied, it's im­por­tant to stay off the grass when pos­si­ble. Wet soil in spring com­pacts eas­ily, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for grass to grow well.

Late spring is the time to ap­ply fer­til­izer. Fer­til­izer feeds the lawn and en­cour­ages it to grow thick and lush. Start wa­ter­ing the lawn when rain­fall gets be­low an inch per week.

In the sum­mer, you will also need to ap­ply fer­til­izer to con­tinue to feed the grass.

Once the leaves start to fall, that's the queue for the fourth ap­pli­ca­tion of fer­til­izer. It is also im­por­tant to rake leaves reg­u­larly, in early fall, as they can kill the grass be­neath. The more fre­quently you rake, the eas­ier the job will be.

The fi­nal stage is late fall. Now that you've en­joyed your lawn all sum­mer, it's time to pre­pare it for the long win­ter ahead.

To 'win­ter­ize' your lawn, ap­ply fer­til­izer made specif­i­cally for the sea­son. Late fall is also the time to patch thin or bare spots as needed or start new lawns from seed or new sod.

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