Make your home at­trac­tive to po­ten­tial buy­ers

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Tak­ing some time to pre­pare be­fore you sell your home can help make it more at­trac­tive to po­ten­tial buy­ers.

While price and lo­ca­tion are ma­jor fac­tors that can help to make or break a deal, mak­ing your home look its very best and pre­sent­ing it as a de­sir­able place to live are also crit­i­cal.

In real es­tate terms, stag­ing a home is meant to high­light the sell­ing fea­tures. Stag­ing a home is not in­tended to cost a lot of money. In fact, there are many sim­ple things that a seller can do that donʼt cost any money.

Make sure your home is clean. It is sur­pris­ing the high num­ber of sell­ers who ne­glect to vac­uum or dust or clean the bath­room be­fore their home is shown. You do it be­fore com­pany comes over, so you should def­i­nitely be do­ing it for th­ese spe­cial visi­tors.

Be sure that the beds are made, and thereʼs no cloth­ing on the floor. This should come as no sur­prise, but no one will want to see your fam­i­lyʼs dirty laun­dry.

Tak­ing steps to de­per­son­al­ize your home is also some­thing that should be con­sid­ered. Most peo­ple have per­sonal pho­to­graphs all over the house. Un­for­tu­nately, this doesn't al­low the po­ten­tial buy­ers to at­tach to the home.. Also, try to re­move any un­nec­es­sary clut­ter and fur­ni­ture. It will help the house look cleaner and the rooms look big­ger. And be sure to keep nor­mal walk­ways through­out the house clear so buy­ers don't have to walk around items in the way.

Th­ese are just a few ex­am­ples of the types of things peo­ple can do that donʼt take a lot of time and donʼt cost any money, but can go a long way in help­ing to make your home more ap­peal­ing to buy­ers.

There are also some fairly in­ex­pen­sive home im­prove­ment projects that sell­ers can un­der­take that will en­hance curb ap­peal and could ac­tu­ally in­crease the amount of money they can sell their homes for.

Paint any room need­ing paint. En­sure all of the bulbs in your light fix­tures work. Adding 80 or 100watt light bulbs will help to make your home seem brighter.

Clean any car­pets or drapes that need it. In ad­di­tion to mak­ing them look nicer, this will also re­move any un­wanted odors. Clean both the in­te­rior and ex­te­rior win­dows. Itʼs a good idea to check the con­di­tion of win­dows in high traf­fic ar­eas – such as in en­try­ways – be­fore your house is shown.

This is also a good time to take care of any mi­nor re­pairs youʼve been putting off, such as the caulk­ing around a sink or that leaky faucet.

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