Art Smarts at St. Mary’s El­e­men­tary school

The Telegram (St. John’s) - - LOCAL - BY CLAIRE AND DANIEL

At St. Mary’s El­e­men­tary there was an Art Smarts pro­gram. Ev­ery class and ev­ery­one did that pro­gram and that pro­gram was all about Mother Na­ture. St. Mary’s learned some songs about wa­ter. Becca Sharr and Heidi Dixon were the ones teach­ing the Arts Smarts pro­gram. On Fri­day June 2nd, 2017 there was an art show at 2 p.m. dur­ing school time. The show was re­ally cool! We got to see every­thing that the other peo­ple did in­clud­ing our own. At the first half of the show we sang some songs about wa­ter. The sec­ond half of the show we showed our par­ents all the crafts we did in the Art Smarts pro­gram. Dur­ing the Art Smarts pro­gram the teach­ers who were teach­ing the art smarts pro­gram taught us about inuk­suks be­cause that day we got to make our own inuk­suk out of clay. The inuk­suks are meant for guid­ing the north and meant for show­ing where there is a good place to hunt and if you look through the hole there is an­other inuk­suks.

The pri­mary stu­dents made these things in art:

Talk­ing sticks with a piece of real seal skin, 10 beads, 2 feath­ers, a stick and a piece of hide

Bracelets with 2 feath­ers, beads and a piece of hide

Bracelets with 1 feather, beads and a piece of hide Inuk­suk made out of clay The el­e­men­tary stu­dents made these things in art:

Dream catch­ers were made out of glue, a gold cir­cle and a long piece of string

Feather sticks were made out of feath­ers, and a piece of hide

Inuk­suks were made out of clay

We had a great time learn­ing about the Abo­rig­i­nal culture. We think that ev­ery­one should have the chance to do this Arts Smarts pro­gram too. It’s a lot of fun.


Artists Heidi Dixon (left) and Becca Shaw from The St. John’s Na­tive Friend­ship Cen­tre teach Grade Two stu­dents at St. Mary’s El­e­men­tary some tra­di­tional Abo­rig­i­nal songs


Artist Becca Shaw helps a Grade 2 stu­dent cre­ate a talk­ing stick.

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