Jour­ney around Cape Bre­ton Is­land: A Sea­sonal Quiz

JIM ST. CLAIR In Those Days in Vic­to­ria County

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As vis­i­tors and res­i­dents travel up and down the is­land, and across Vic­to­ria County, they see many signs with names iden­ti­fy­ing com­mu­ni­ties and routes. Sev­eral places re­call in­di­vid­u­als whose lives have been hon­oured by res­i­dents and the mak­ers of maps. As an is­land-wide festival, Celtic Colours brings peo­ple to, and through, many of these places. How well do you know the his­tory of these name­sakes? See if you can re­al­ize the back­ground of these in­di­vid­u­als in the short quiz be­low. Each item has three pos­si­ble cor­rect an­swers. The cor­rect re­sponses are given up­side down at the bot­tom. See how you do!

1. New Camp­bell­ton, Vic­to­ria County – en­trance to Big Bras d’or a. Named for an Old Camp­bell­town in Scot­land b. Re­calls an early fam­ily set­tled there c. Iden­ti­fies Charles James Camp­bell, Mer­chant and Ship Owner and op­er­a­tor of coal mine at lo­ca­tion.

2. Kempt Head, Vic­to­ria County – tip of Boularderie Is­land a. Early set­tler whose fam­ily moved to New Zealand b. Sir James Kempt, Lt. Gover­nor of Nova Sco­tia and Gov. Gen­eral of Canada c. A place neatly main­tained or well kempt

3. Buck­law - near Lit­tle Nar­rows on Route 105. a. Where deer are legally hunted b. A ref­er­ence to Sir Wal­ter Scott char­ac­ter in Bride of Lam­memor” c. Where boot­leg­gers used to sell whiskey il­le­gally.

4. Cap­stick – on the north­ern tip of Cape Bre­ton, near Cape North a. A fam­ily by this name who came from the North of Eng­land b. A va­ri­ety of bushes grow­ing in area c. Re­mains of a sticks and tim­ber from ship­wreck on beach

5. Glen Tosh – between Bad­deck and St. Ann’s a. A val­ley where toshes grow b. In honour of Rev. Abra­ham Mac­in­tosh 1820-1889 c. A Gaelic word for a val­ley where competitors toss cabers

6. St. Mar­garet’s Vil­lage – north­ern Vic­to­ria County a. A Queen of Scot­land mar­ried to Mal­colm the Third and an­ces­tor of Queen El­iz­a­beth the Sec­ond b. A lo­cal woman of much faith who had tal­ent as a healer c. Mother of Mary and grand­mother of Je­sus. 7. Hunter’s Moun­tain – on Cabot Trail near Mid­dle River a. A place where lo­cal peo­ple hunt deer and moose b. Where gold min­ers hunted for ore c. Re­calls early set­tler John Hunter from Isle of Mull, Scot­land

8. Cao­lis Silis – name of the ferry boat at Lit­tle Nar­rows a. Gaelic for “Strait of Ju­lia” - Ju­lia Mac­niven Noble, early mid­wife b. Gaelic for a body of wa­ter from the sea c. Gaelic for a Christ­mas Carol called “Silis.”

9. Cape Dauphin – at en­trance to Big Bras d’or near New Camp­bell­ton a. A place where dol­phins are seen along the shore b. Where Daphne Kelly lived c. Son of King Louis XIV of France, fa­ther of sev­eral later kings

10. St. Columba – near Iona, Vic­to­ria County a. An early Ir­ish mis­sion­ary from Ire­land who was buried on Isle of Iona, Scot­land, ca. 597 b. In honour of the ex­plorer Colum­bus c. Re­call­ing a holy man who cher­ished the plant columbine.

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