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When choos­ing a hear­ing care provider, it’s wise to ask what ser­vices are in­cluded in the cost of hear­ing aids. Just like we pay for more than the hard­ware when we in­vest in braces for our teeth, we are in­vest­ing in more than a hear­ing de­vice when we pur­chase hear­ing aids. Most hear­ing clin­ics in­clude fol­low up care in the price of hear­ing aids. Con­sumers should find out if that care is cov­ered for a pe­riod of time, num­ber of vis­its or the life of the hear­ing aid war­ranty.

That’s an­other good ques­tion to ask. What is the war­ranty of the hear­ing aid(s)? Three years is quite typ­i­cal these days. You should also clar­ify whether this in­cludes in­surance for loss and dam­age of the hear­ing aid(s). There is usu­ally a de­ductible if some­one needs to make a claim for re­place­ment. These are de­tails con­sumers should know.

In the prov­ince of Nova Sco­tia, it is law that peo­ple have a min­i­mum of thirty days to re­turn their hear­ing aids(s) for credit. How­ever, many clin­ics ex­tend this “trial pe­riod” be­yond thirty days. Most hear­ing aid man­u­fac­tur­ers al­low the hear­ing aids to be re­turned for credit up to ninety days from the date the hear­ing de­vice was or­dered.

Con­sumers should have a say in which hear­ing de­vices are pro­vided to them as there are a range of tech­nolo­gies, prices and ac­ces­sories from which to choose. Be sure to ex­press your goals for ob­tain­ing hear­ing de­vices to en­sure your needs are met and that you are pro­vided with a few op­tions from which to choose. Con­sumers also have the right to in­quire about whether the hear­ing clinic is owned by a hear­ing aid man­u­fac­turer or an in­de­pen­dent pro­fes­sional. Gen­er­ally, in­de­pen­dent clin­ics have ac­cess to a broader range of tech­nol­ogy op­tions as they deal with more hear­ing aid man­u­fac­tur­ers.

Fi­nally, peo­ple should be aware of how of­ten the clinic’s ser­vices are pro­vided in that lo­ca­tion as some clin­ics op­er­ate out of sev­eral lo­ca­tions part time. Be sure to ask what days and hours the clinic is open to en­sure you re­ceive suf­fi­cient fol­low-up care.

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