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Wil­liam Pang’s ac­count of “free-speech” ac­tivism in Cana­dian schools is a mus­tread (“How the Alt-right Is Win­ning Over Univer­sity Cam­puses,” the­wal­rus. ca). Of course, the si­lenc­ing of cer­tain voices has been a prob­lem for cen­turies: con­sider our past and cur­rent treat­ment of women, im­mi­grants, Indige­nous peo­ples, black peo­ple, the poor, and the men­tally ill. Yet it is only now, when the per­ceived lim­its of free speech en­croach on in­di­vid­u­als who are used to hav­ing it, that we hear their howls of out­rage. This phe­nom­e­non re­veals a larger truth: no mat­ter the cir­cum­stances, those with power are al­ways fright­ened of los­ing it.

Mary Ro­gan

Toronto, ON

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