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Matthew Rem­ski’s ar­ti­cle (“Power Im­posed,” July/au­gust) about how a yoga guru fos­tered a cul­ture of sex­ual abuse shows that we are at a cul­tural turn­ing point in the fu­ture of global yoga. This is not the time to step up to de­fend our teach­ers out of a sense of loy­alty. This is a time to step up to de­fend the dig­nity of stu­dents who were de­hu­man­ized.

Our prac­tice came from a hu­man ori­gin, was passed along by hu­man in­struc­tion, and is brought to life ev­ery day by our very hu­man bod­ies. It is a fal­li­ble process that may need to be changed, up­dated, and re­newed.

Colin Hall

Regina, SK Rem­ski’s story is a stark re­minder of all that can go wrong when a pop­u­lar prac­tice goes un­ex­am­ined and we de­fer to peo­ple in po­si­tions of power with­out first ask­ing our­selves what is right and kind and pro­gres­sive in life. Af­ter all, isn’t that in­tro­spec­tion a part of what we are sup­posed to be learn­ing dur­ing our time on the yoga mat? Molly Lan­non Kenny Na­yarit, Mex­ico

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