“Red-eye,” p. 69


“This poem merges two mo­ments in time. The first is when I was a teenager, af­ter my fam­ily had em­i­grated to Canada from the Nether­lands, and we went back to visit. We ar­rived at sun­rise, and I had this wish­ful feel­ing that the coun­try had fallen asleep dur­ing our ab­sence and I would find ev­ery­thing as it was when I left it. The se­cond mo­ment is some twenty-five years later, when my sense of home has shifted. I can never feel the same way again about ei­ther place. All our old selves per­sist in­side of us in some way.”

Sadiqa de Meijer’s po­etry was in­cluded in The Next Wave, an an­thol­ogy of twenty-first-cen­tury Cana­dian po­etry, which was pub­lished in May. She is work­ing on a col­lec­tion of lyric es­says.

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