Vik­ing in­va­sion — the sad sec­ond saga

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Grieg and Marine Har­vest of Nor­way are about to set up camp in our bays and com­mu­ni­ties. They could choke up our pre­cious ecosys­tems and wild fish stocks with their open-net pens, farm­ing fish that are an in­fe­rior food source to our or­ganic re­sources. One even wants to use pres­sure bombed mu­tated fish.

Ever won­der what the Vik­ings are do­ing back in our wa­ters af­ter all th­ese cen­turies?

It’s called the lure of the almighty dol­lar.

In their home­land, to ob­tain a li­cence to set up a fish farm, th­ese bil­lion­aire fake-fish mag­nates would have to pay $56 mil­lion per 3,300 met­ric tonne lease site.

To be more spe­cific, th­ese su­per­rich com­pa­nies would have to fork out over C$15.4 mil­lion per 780 met­ric tonnes of fish pro­duced on a lease site. More­over, the fees are ris­ing by 2-plus mil­lion Nor­we­gian krone an­nu­ally. That’s a hefty dent in their profit mar­gins.

So, th­ese filthy-rich transna­tion­als get in their Vik­ing ships and sail over to New­found­land and Labrador — it’s still wide-open ter­ri­tory like it was 1,000 years ago. In­stead of L’Anse aux Mead­ows, they’re head­ing to places like Rushoon, Red Har­bour, etc., and other his­toric places on the south coast.

Why? Be­cause our gov­ern­ment is sell­ing off our re­sources that sup­port us and our next gen­er­a­tions for noth­ing!

It will only cost the Nor­we­gians an in­sanely low fee of C$1,140 per 3,300 met­ric tonnes to come in and wreak havoc with our liveli­hoods, bays and our fu­ture. Not the $65.2 mil­lion it would cost them in Nor­way. For the 11 Grieg sites pro­posed and the 23 Marine Har­vest sites al­ready pur­chased from the bank­rupt Gray Aqua, this tal­lies to C$2.2 bil­lion! No won­der Marine Har­vest just bought out our last re­main­ing leases from North­ern Har­vest Sea Farms that will nearly dou­ble this tally of ridicu­lous free­bies to al­most $4 bil­lion! They are also freed of the many re­stric­tions placed on them in Nor­way re­gard­ing sus­tain­abil­ity and en­vi­ron­men­tal dam­age mit­i­ga­tion.

We can’t blame the Vik­ings — it’s in their blood to con­quer new ter­ri­to­ries.

But let’s start hold­ing the gov­ern­ment we elected to rep­re­sent our peo­ple re­spon­si­ble for their su­per short-sighted de­ci­sions to wel­come for­eign­ers with ope­n­arms ac­cess to our nat­u­ral re­sources — and then pro­mote and in­vest in their de­struc­tive ways. Ways they have been forced to aban­don in Nor­way.

If any­one else sees how this is “The Way For­ward,” you are ei­ther a cor­po­rate Vik­ing or a N.L. politi­cian.

If you are still in your right mind, and see how N.L. is again be­ing stripped of its re­sources by out­side in­ter­ests aided and abet­ted by our own elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives, rise up and cry “No more give­aways!” Bill Bry­den


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